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  1. hi im managing a lower league german club and im in a bit of a financial mess and want to get rid of some players that earn too much and have a nice value to sell but i just cant find anyone who wants to buy them. so im hoping that you guys have some advice. i already put them on not needed and offered them to clubs
  2. i know but i really like the system and want to stick to it and still want to play this way. i mean france got world cup winners with a counter attack 4-2-3-1
  3. one question tho im very keen on keeping clean sheets. doesnt it mean when i put the mentality higher im about to concede more goals?
  4. thanks ill try your suggestions. for the urgent pressing i put that in because i saw a video on how to setup your team when you want to play low defense and the guy said that you want it to be urgent to take the ball away from them once they pass the pressing line but thanks for your answer
  5. hi guys so i began a new save and wanted to play with a counter attacking, deep defense system and it worked really well for the first half of the season but since then i struggle hard and barely get clean sheets anymore. i tried to tweak it but it only works for one game at best and then i lose again. i hope you guys can help me with tips on how to set up a deep defense and a counter system. and tbh i kinda feel like counter attacking with a deep defense compared to a gegenpress is just so weak.
  6. i recently been trying to recreate the tactic from mourinhos real side that won la liga and scored 121 goals but im kinda failing with it. would be really great if someone could help me out
  7. Hi the question is basically in the thread title. does anyone know a good counter tactic he can recommend? i tried it myself and regularly get battered by my opponents
  8. i have one quetion tho an attacker that drags players down and away from centre would be sometghing like a depp lying forward or a false nine right?
  9. thanks alot much appreciated i will try these options as soon as the preseaosn games begin
  10. Hi i apparently wrote this into the wrong section and someone told me to also post pictures of my tactics. So i kinda have the problem that i have a lot of shots and shots on target but not score that much. especially when i use it with bigger teams i sometimes get like 20 shots on target but only score 1 or 2 goals sometimes so i wanted to ask if theres some tips on how to improve the quality of the chances or if its just down to the individual quality of the player taking the shot?
  11. hi do you guys have some ideas on how i can improve the amount of goals scored from shots on target? sometimes i have 20 shots on target but only score 1 or 2 goals. any help would be much appreciated. im gonna uplaod a picture that shows from where my players take shots if thats relevant
  12. now i began with a gegenrpess high defensive line which with not top class teams turned out to be desasterous so im kinda trying more counter based now. i read that a narrow offense helps in defense but i dont know if thats true. its the first fm for me so i dont really know how each tactical point actually impacts the game
  13. Hi ive been playing for a while now but still cant figure out how to have a solid defense. i played with a lot of teams from world top teams to some non professional teams but i never was able to get a solid defense. even with a team like man united i concided basically every game. i know there are some tactical geniuses in here and id like to know if you guys have sime tips on how to make your defense solid?
  14. ok thanks for the help
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