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  1. Looks like a great Poacher! I'd say the only issue I can point out is the "meh" physicals, but that can depend on your tactics. Looks like a gem!
  2. So I'm in my second season with Man United, and while I didn't get anything special in terms of youth players, I uncovered this gem at Celtic, who you can normally pick up players for smaller fees than expected. Just turned 16, bought him in the recent window, spent the last of my at the time budget on this kid, and his attributes are fantastic for that age! Surprised that his potential isn't 4-5, but I feel like star ratings are even more inconsistent in this game. Pros: - Well-rounded physicals - Very good in the three important defensive technical attribut
  3. That last second is honestly the most accurate summary of Football Manager 2020 I've ever seen. I won everything with Man United in my first season, and lost one single game in all competitions - but it felt like an absolute chore at times. I got a handful of wins where I thought "Yeah, we were completely dominant, can't complain at all", but every other game is just 10-15 minutes of players making brain dead decisions like shooting on the byline, Inside Forwards going on Messi-like runs only to punt the ball so high it lands in East Africa, and the same header animation 7 times a match,
  4. The fact that you know exactly when an opposition goal is coming, before they even get close to your third. If I see a midfielder slightly out of position, and unable to make the interception, then 99 times out of 100 it leads to an AI goal, even if it's a ****** rebound one. And that BBM's only get decent ratings if they score. BWM's also seem to be surgically attached to a 6.5 ratings. This is probably my fault tactically, but I've never used one winger who is remotely consistent. They'll play three 6.3's in a row, then on the fourth game they'll score and set two up. Just
  5. Next game was against Bayern at the Allianz, a great 2-0 win, but it didn't come without its frustrations. Another bad game from Pogba, the fact we're 2-0 up against one of the best teams and he still gets a 6.5 just shows how awful he was, wayward passes, no goal threat, dribbling his way into the opposition. Herrera has been simply shocking for me, 6.2. The ratings are what infuriates me the most - and Bayern were down to ten men so that was fortunate too.
  6. So I've spent the last week playing some games, sorting out formations and to be honest I'm not finding this game anywhere near as fun as previous FM's, like 17 and 18. Whenever I make tactical changes I barely notice a single thing - my forwards get absolutely terrible ratings. It's like the game sees a good game as getting a goal, and ignoring other aspects of play when giving someone a match rating, which in turn lowers their morale and value. But my biggest pain of all, I can't score regular goals. About 40% of my goals have come from a nice corner routine I sorted, and other quick
  7. Very interesting, I feel like I probably need two playmakers, to accommodate the likes of Pogba, Matic (DLP maybe), Bentancur, De Jong, and Pereira all being in and around the squad. Feel like the engine room will be suited to Herrera and Fred more, or perhaps Fred could be a DLP (D) and Bentancur being a physical box to box player. Perhaps a DLP (D), or CM (D), and B2B and AP (S) or RPM (S) either side, to create a dynamic transition into the attack. My right side will be Valencia (unfortunately) and Lingard, with Dalot and Corona as backups, both starters have good work rate and wi
  8. Cheers for the update! As I'll go with most likely IF (A) on the left, and a poacher up top, as the AF drifts out too much and I need more of a consistent presence in that area. What role would you say Pogba is best for. My response to the other one has the midfield roles I might experiment with. Quite like the prospect of Mezzala on attack, but if he's on the left side it might interfere with Martial/Sanchez, as well as Shaw/Tierney going forward. While it might create an overload it won't provide Pogba with the space he needs at times. In FM 18 I used Pogba as a 10, behind L
  9. Thanks for the help! I'm considering using a midfield three of Herrera/Bentancur/Matic/Fred (any two of those) and Pogba, with Pogba as either a Mezzala, AP or RPM, and the other two forming a CM (D) or DLP (D) and B2B. I like having two playmakers, as if one's getting marked out the game and closed down, I've always got another creative fulcrum, be it from deeper areas to pass to the attacking full backs. I've experimented with "Run at defence" tactic, however it's a bit extreme, find it easier letting the attacking players do their thing, and have some flair to create chances, be it out w
  10. Interesting... I kinda want to make Pogba a goalscoring midfielder, so maybe Mezzala on attack, as the right sided midfielder, so the left isn't too congested. I'd go with a direct wing play strategy but this game is horrendous when it comes to crossing, they'll dribble, stop and wait for a defender to come to them, get back in space but still refuse to cross when the opportunity is there.
  11. Hi! So I've just started a new save with my team, United. Was given £90 million which is a decent amount but not amazing in terms of buying quality players. So my main goal was signing young players on cheap deals and improving overall squad depth, as I know the injuries are quite frankly overkill in this game. But I need some help in regards to how I set up my squad, I wanna try a 4-1-2-3, with one holding midfielder there to provide cover for the attacking left back, Shaw or Tierney. However most of my players are box to box midfielders and/or playmakers, which perhaps su
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