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  1. End of the 2023/2024 Season We did it! Another promotion! This year was a lot tougher than the last few seasons, and we really had to fight to the to get this one! We finished second in the league and had to go through the play-offs. The first game was an easy game, and we should have won the second as well! Players Stats Walter Fallmann left us this season, as the last player of the original squad. He had 5 good season for us, and outplayed everyone even though his attributes suggested that
  2. Winter Break 2023/2024 After a lot of games this winter break, we are hopefully ready for the second half on the season! Youth Intake 2024 We get a very good player in the AMC position, but that's not really a position that needed improvement. I won't complain, as every good player we get, we become a better team! The other players this years intake is a bit average to be honest.
  3. For the first time in two-three years we're not in the red when it comes to money. I hope I can get another youth upgrade before we have lost all the money this guy brought us! :P
  4. Mid Season 2023/2024 It started so well, and at one point we had a 8 point gap down to the second place, but it all turned around. Only winning two out of the last 10 games is bad, but when I look back at where the media predicted us, this might be the right results. We were pretty lucky in some of the early games, and that lucked turned against us. We're still in the Tiroler Cup though, for the first time at the winter break. PotS so far. He has been one of our best players the two last seasons, but he's wanted by some clubs, s
  5. Pre Season 2023/2024 An average pre season this year, with two losses and three draws. We're predicted last this year as well, but we all know how that turned out last year. But I think this will be a harder season, and I'm aiming for a mid table finish. Key Players I hope Benjamin Stark will continue his amazing form from last season! Our new best CB, and actually rated as the best player at the club before he even has played a game!
  6. End of the 2022/2023 Season Wow! That's all I have to say really! We were amazing this season as well, and in the end we won the league! After a slow start after the winter break we won every single game! One thing to note is that our home attendace grew over the season, and in the last home game of the season we broke the record of the league with 260 people watching the game! Best XI 2021/2022 Best Overall XI Awards PoTS What a season for Benjamin Stark! Season Review
  7. Winter Break 2022/2023 Youth Intake 2023 If I could schose what position I wanted players in, I would have gone for someone that can play on the right. Either as a RM or a RB, as that is the positions we need new players the most. Not exactly what I ordered, but I'm still happy. We get a new CB, one that goes straight in to the team when I can register him for the league. And it looks like my HoYD likes GKs, as this is the third good one he gets us. I hope he can grow a few centimeters, as he is a bit small to be a CB.
  8. Mid Season 2022/2023 We're still playing way better than we should play, and hold the second place going in to the winter break! Other than two big lossed we have played really well. The 0-5 game against FC Volders was really bad, and it was deserved as well. They had one player that scored all their goals, and that player had scored 6 goals total in the last four season... After two seasons out of the Tiroler Cup, we were back in this year, but it was a quick exit. PotS so far. He has 5 goals and 5 assists so far in the league. Both our to
  9. Pre Season 2022/2023 I have no idea why, but we are really struggling with AKA Vorarlberg. I think we have faced them four times in pre season, and has lost every single game. Rock bottom! That's the predicted position by the media, but I believe we will survive, maybe even finish mid table. One thing to notice, is that the team that won the league in the first year of this save (when we played in the 9th tier) is predicted to finish top by the media! Key Players
  10. It's the first time I'm managing in Austria, and I find it really nice so far!
  11. End of the 2021/2022 Season It was a close race all the way till the end, but we made it! When we beat SV Landeck 6-0 they were 1 point ahead of us. I thought we would play worse when Diemer (JR01a) left us, but we actually did better! Best XI 2021/2022 Best Overall XI Awards PoTS Yet again Walter Fallmann won PotS! He's the worst player in the team in terms of CA, but still our best player! Season Review
  12. Winter Break 2021/2022 A LOT of good games this winter break. We had a longer break than usual because it's only 10 teams in the league. Youth Intake 2022 Again, I'm a bit dissapointed with this. With theupgrades in the youth coaching I thought this years intake would be better. A lot of 5* PA, but again, that is normal at this level.
  13. Mid Season 2021/2022 We have done way better than what I expected at the start of the season, and we're actually at the top of the table at the winter break. It looks like it will a battle against USV Oetz this year as well. We got knocked out of the cup in the fourth round, and that's further than we've ever been before. PotS so far For the first time this does not go to Walter Fallmann, but to our left bacl Sebastian Ammerman.
  14. Pre Season 2021/2022 Only one loss in the pre season friendlies this time around. We're predicted to finish in the 9th spot this season. I'm aiming for mid table. If we take a look at USV Oetz, the team that got promoted from the same league as us, they are predicted 5th. The Squad Key Players
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