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  1. Same here. It has crashed 4 times since the Winter update for me. It is unfortunate that an update introduces a game-breaking bug like this, & many people seem to experience this too. I believe that SI Games have a good intention with the update, but please be more careful with an update next time. Thank you.
  2. I am using Mi A2 Lite with Android 8.1 Oreo. & I am not sure I can start a new save & reproduce the "owe you one" quickly, so it might take a really long while. A quick note, when I was playing as Real Madrid's manager(it was played/started on the just-released version of FMM19), this problem never occured. But after I started playing in Russia(it was started after the first update of FMM19), this happened.
  3. Done. Have you received it? P.S. The save is on June 15, & the "owe you one" message appears on June 16.
  4. It's not a problem. Hopefully SI Games can fix this. Requiring to retry over & over is annoying.
  5. There was an error for me as well, but as I kept trying it suddenly worked.
  6. It's the first time it ever happened. This has always meant that any request would be granted, yet not this time. & this bug only happened after I updated to the latest(10.0.5) version.
  7. Not only this, I cannot play FMM19 because of this. I cannot cancel & download later. Once I chose cancel, FMM exited. Update: Just managed to download it. Crisis averted.
  8. After winning Russian Manager of the Year, splash screen that appeared was just blank.
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