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  1. No worries Luke,i didnt think it had anything to do with the developer,and yes,did a factory reset on this pc, i mainly used it for gaming anyway,and made absolutely no difference,as soon as steam and fm were downloaded again,same problem.Thanks for trying to help,its definitely from the $ changeover,its just trying to get Sega or Steam to really look into it.
  2. Hi Luke,yes i have,they first initially suggested it might be my anti virus,which i dont have,then they sent me back to Steam,which got me absolutely nowhere.As i said ,went to an IT expert,he had the same problem,i have tried to stress as much as i could that this all happened to my fm games on my different accounts on the same day steam changed to Aussie dollars,neither steam or sega will directly acknowledge or even remotely attempt to address that,which as far as i can tell,after playing fm16 nearly every dayfor 3 years without a problem,is the only reason i can come up with for whats going on.its like talking to my ex,im just going around in circles and i cant get a straight answer lol.
  3. They mention fm16 but im still having the exact same problem with fm19 as we speak.
  4. Thanks for getting back to me Connor.All contact has been made thru steam support thru my account,where you can message them concerning any particular game you might have in your library.This was their final reply to my issue,hope you can read it.
  5. Just to make sure its not my settings etc,went and saw a computer shop,where they installed steam on their computer and recreated the exact same thing!!! I then reset one laptop to factory settings,created a new steam account,bought fm19 touch again and guess what??? Same as above!!!Steam say the developers are responsible for me not being able to access the ingame content,. COME ON,3 different steam accounts,3 different laptops,different internet providers plus IT experts saying its nothing to do with any of my settings!! ON THE 21/11/18 STEAM CHANGED AUSSIE ACCOUNTS TO AUSSIE DOLLARS AND ALL 3 ACCOUNTS REGISTERED THE SAME PROBLEM ON THAT DATE,yet nobody has remotely addressed that when ive brought it up with both support teams???? Its my internet or my settings I keep getting told,thats impossible!!! The same day 3 different accounts with fm managers games all have the same problem at different locations,ARE THE INGAME DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT NOW NOT COMPATIBLE WITH AUSSIE ACCOUNTS USING AUSSIE DOLLARS?? And if so,who is responsible for fixing it???? Sorry for yelling but not one moderator or game developer has replied to this,all I want to do is play my fm games with the ingame content urchases available and not get shunted backwards and forwards between steam and SI.Casn someone please help???????
  6. To clarify,im in Australia and on the same day that steam accounts were changed to Australian dollars is exactly when i started having the issues with getting the downloadable content to work,surely that just cant be a coincidence?? i even did a system restore on one pc back before that date and even that didnt work.And here is the same problem with the brand new fm19 i bought today,i really hope someone can help me.
  7. PLEASE HELP!!! Okay,on my 2 fm16 games,when you try to access downloads it comes up with "an error occured when retrieving the product catalogue, error code:1 " and has been doing this since 21/11. Out of frustration i bought fm19 touch,and its doing the same thing!!! Heres what iv e done and what the story is... i have different steam accounts on 3 separate pcs with three copies of fm16 (dont ask) and now one fm19 touch.its doing the same thing on 3 separate pcs,in different locations so different internet providers. i have uninstalled the games,uninstalled steam,deleted everything out of documents losing several longterm saves,deleted caches,checked and disabled windows firewalls as i dont have an antivirus on any of these pcs,verified game files etc.I contacted steam who assured me its not at their end,so contacted sega support explaining all this,especially about having no antivirus,attached files showing the problem and got a generic response about my antivirus probably being the problem!!! Its rendered any new saves useless on fm16 and i cant even get started on fm19 touch as i cant access things like no sacking,no work permits etc. The only thing i can even guess at is that steam converted my accounts into australian dollars and that might not be compatible now,as these things both happened on the 21/11 which is a coincidence but nobody has said anything about that in answers to my emails. Come on,3 separate accounts,3 different pcs,one brand new game,different internet providers and its an antivirus that i dont have on three separate computers,all with the same problem occuring on the same day?Can someone pls help me???
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