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  1. Update on this; The microstuttering seemed to have found it's way into other games. Initially I assumed it wasn't connected, and to fix it I rolled back my GPU drivers to the Nvidia one's from November 15th instead of the newest ones. This fixed the stuttering in Rocket League. Flash forward a few days and I try FM19 again, the microstutter wasn't fixed. It now happens again in other games again. FM seems to be affecting the GPU drivers somehow.
  2. I'm running very high but had no issues with this before, high and medium still stutters the same. It's microstuttering but consistently.
  3. I managed to fix the PC hanging (and thus the save) by rolling back my PC to a backup, and updating the GPU Drivers Game RUNS fine now, but starting yesterday, the 3D match engine is noticeably stuttery. FPS counter shows 57-60 FPS (I never limited it as such, I assume this is built in) but the game is very clearly running around 30 or lower, especially when a close attack/move involving multiple players is happening. Task Manager shows my CPU, RAM, GPU and HDD running fine under the load. My CPU maxes out at 75% usage ingame, GPU HDD and RAM all under 50% so no issues there, no spikes noted. Is it possible this is a driver issue? I don't recall a FM update in the last couple of days.
  4. My game crashed (which seized up my PC) while loading into a Match. The save the game wants me to load into after this has no 'Save Preview' down the right hand side, no team badge, and the manager shown in the main menu is a glitched out version (theres two of him) of a different manager I made for online play. I don't know whether it's the information associated with my offline manager or the save itself that's broken, but it looks like it's gone. 3 seasons in and a fair few hours, which is a little annoying. The following is in my debug.log, dunno if it's from this or if it's related. [1031/203105.433:ERROR:settings.cc(324)] Settings version is not 1 [1101/124607.837:ERROR:settings.cc(324)] Settings version is not 1 [1106/225906.590:ERROR:settings.cc(324)] Settings version is not 1 [1110/142743.612:ERROR:settings.cc(324)] Settings version is not 1 [1120/212326.749:ERROR:settings.cc(324)] Settings version is not 1 [1121/203207.225:ERROR:settings.cc(324)] Settings version is not 1 If I load the 'last save overwrite backup', the game loads in fine but then crashes my entire PC again as I load into the match vs Arsenal. Specs should be no issue
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