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  1. No Edit. I use FMRTE to check a players CA and PA. I bought this player from OGC Nice.
  2. How have people handled this in their saved games? I am coming up to it soonish as I am in April/May 2022. Has the 2022 World cup affected your clubs league season? I'd love to hear some stories about how people have handled it.
  3. I just buy it on Steam, the most reliable option. despite it costing me $70. I don't mind. Pretty cheap for a game lasting me a year or so
  4. I mean what's the purpose of a 1 match suspension due to too many yellow cards if you also have a 4-5 month injury? Case in point re: photo. Surely if I am reading this correct, he will have his 1 match suspension during the injury layoff? or is it once he is able to play again?
  5. First Youth Intake for me in FM19. Decided to only keep this guy.
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