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  1. Sure, this has been ticked and I still watch the games ;-)
  2. So the box saying 'Team Manager Arranges friendlies' is me the manager of the club or the manager of the U23s?
  3. I want to give responsibility of this away. My HOYD is the manager of U23 and Coach of U18. Why am I still watching these games?
  4. I've had some success here with custom view, getting a lot of the data I need on the same page - but I have to use the bottom scroll bar to scroll to see it all, and there's a huge waste of space gap after 'player name'. I've Has anyone successfully got data onto one page without using the scroll bar? Does somebody have a custom view I can import?
  5. Hey - so the above just happened - and no extension possible.. just the option of 0 months. Plyr now back at club and no loan possible but still on loan. So - Looks like I cannot offer another short loan to the same player or is this just a one-off? :-)
  6. Question re loans. Not sure how this is in the real world. I'm at Hampton and Richmond. I've signed a player on a one month loan. Could I sign him again after this on a season? When could this be if so?
  7. Hi there, I'm new to the game. I'm with Hampton and Richmond 29 June 2018. I've just sent scouts to a few teams and I get "I have been able to compile a full report on Barnsley as very statistical data exists for the team." Are full player attributes only visible to my scouts when games start being played? Or will they be available as games get played by clubs without me scouting? I played the game years ago and player attributes were always available. Is there an option to have them available? Could someone who knows explain? Thanks!
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