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  1. It is probably because Genoa is playing home on the Sunday and since them and Sampdoria share stadium the cannot play the same day.
  2. I have just read through this post and I have to say that you have done an incredible work with especially Balkani and Kosovo NT! Just one question. He might be deleted by now but can you show Arber Zeneli's stats? He's a Kosovan/Swedish player that originally comes from my club IF Elfsborg and is one of the best players from Kosovo in real life.
  3. @claassen I don't know if that is how it should be but it is impossible to get promoted from G'Ethniki (3rd tier) to Football League (2nd tier) in Greece, at least the first two seasons. The winners in each group gets to play in the promotion playoff but there are no promotion places in there.
  4. @claassen Really appreciate the work from you man! I have a proposal though regarding the update for Sweden. The scheduling for Allsvenskan is very random in game, sometimes the game takes matches that IRL is played on the weekends in the spring and early July and put them midweek in August and September, while UEFA games are played, causing teams that compete in EL/CL to play like 2-3 games a week from September till the season is over in November which is very annoying. I don't really know how to fix that so I wonder if you could do that in your update? I think it is the same for the lower leagues as well but that you don't need to fix because that won't cause any problems. In Allsvenskan on FM it is common to have like 9 games left when everyone else has 5 because how bad the scheduling is. I guess it is the same for many leagues but it is worse for Sweden because our season ends in the beginning of November so there is not much time to play the remaining games, which causes teams to sometimes play games every other day.
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