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  1. my rule is follows a few criteria in this rough order (for top two division teams mainly): 1. ensure the person has at least a decent influence (12 or so). It can improve as captain so it doesn't neccessarily have to be 20. 2. ensure the player has good mental stats, particularly in key 'off-the-ball' ones. This includes determination, teamwork, workrate and bravery. Your captain should be a role model for the squad and someone who isn't going to be unsettled easily. 3. make sure the captain is a good, first choice player. There's no point picking a captain if they aren't going to make the squad or if your trying to replace them. 4. check the player's personality. This overlaps a little with 2, but i generally prefer professional, determined, resilient or resolute (or synonyms for these) as opposed to ambitious, balanced, jovial or even loyal. 5. pick a player who has been at the club for a long time, or better yet, is a youth product (ie. Fernando Torres) 6. If there aren't any stand out older players for the role, then pick a younger lad who you feel will be a key to your team over the next decade. For vice-captain i follow the same guidelines, but if i have a mid to old captain (>27) i certainly pick a younger player as vice, someone who can replace my captain as he gets on in age.
  2. My thoughts on what to do about news and media info (with regards to the inbox and news screens) News and Inbox
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