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  1. this tactic looks good any chance of sending another link thank you
  2. playing fm12 online 2 second delay not a problem,playing through steam it like watching paint dry.i recomend you look at this years sales and compare them to next years.if it is not broken why try and fix it. running through steam is too slow,if the problem is not sorted fm will end up as do you remmember manic minar
  3. found it thanks a lot crewe york can you tell what the best tactic is
  4. thanks for your reply dakka just realised posted in the wrong place can you help me need a good flat 442 tactic for tottenham without buying players pass and move get bodys into the box and dont look rushed into shooting is it possable if so can you help i cant seem to play sexy football at all
  5. pitch size max match prep high teamwork pre season then ave def when saeson starts can you help me
  6. Can someone help me i have read loads of post and tactics from cleon and sfraser but cant seem to get my players to shoot from close range they always look rushed into taking a shot i have tried most tactics and even making my own other teams seem to do what ime trying to do creating space passing the ball into the net i have tried most top teams but seem to strugle i am know playing as tottenham with a flat 442 can anybody help me please
  7. the si match enigine is **** its designed for defensive football example i pay 442 att the other side play rige counter even if your dide is far better you loose so the reason barcalona tactics dont work because they think you all will play attacking football i say play more def
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