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  1. hello Im playing with At Madrid and have Griezmanns insane contract with 800k/week on my hands. Decided to try get it down a bit so I transfer listed him witch resulted in him coming to me for a personal chat, saying he was unhappy with that and I said his wages was too high. Which he accepted and was willing to negoiate a new contract, great I thought. So I removed him from the transfer list, but now he isnt willing to negoiate a new contract Am i missing something here?
  2. Thanks guys. I think I have managed to sort some of this mess out, sold Correa to Arsenal for 85 m £ . However I got a offer from Spurs for Savic for 40 m £, should I sell? and if I sell who to replace him with, had my eyes on Kannemann and Christian Romero?
  3. Im playing with Atletico Madrid. I have some questions about their finances, Im in the end of season 1 and are -74 millions in red is there any hope of getting a better balance? The projetions are not looking any better. With a transfer budget of 983 k and the same are expected for the years ahead. So Im wondering if somebody has played with Atletico or have some knowledge of better economy for them?
  4. Cautious, sorry about that. The reason for that is that I couldnt tick "more urgent" pressing when chosing balanced. If PF is the new DF I can not understad why the movement of my strikers differs from earlier versions. I have concluded that I will test removing "get further forward" from my Cm s, and change my PF to DLF s and maybe swithc AF to CF a to make him come deeper and more movement. Your thoughts?
  5. Thanks for your advice. In older versions of the game I played with a Defensive forward coupled with a CF a and had great success. I noticed that Defensive forward was gone this year so I supposed that Pressing forward was like the old Defensive forward, is this correct? Maybe I should try and make my pressing f (Costa) a DLF s instead? However should I leave Griezmann as AF or change his role to?
  6. Im playing with atletico madrid, been inspired by Simeones tactic. That means for me a flat 442. advf a- pf s w s- cm s- cm d- wp a fb a-cd d- cd d- wb a swk d TI: play out of defence, be more disciplined, distribute to fullbacks, counter, more urgent pressing PI: fb a, wb a :run wide with ball, tackle harder, wp a, w s: close down more, tackle harder, adv f: roam from position, cm s: get further forward The problem The tactic almost working like I want it to, sturdy defence and good counter attacks. But how would you get this better? The main problem is that we are taking loads of shots but only a few good ones on target, for example last game 20 total shots but only 3 on target. My strikers get around 2-4 shots a game and the rest are spread out mainly on Saul cm s. Saul got 8 shots last game, only 1 from inside the box the rest outside the box. These shots outside the box often gets blocked. So I want better shot conversion and more shots from my strikers. Have tried "work ball into box" but I feel its not working and also defeats my purpose of swift counter attacks. So how could I get better quality chances and better shot conversion?
  7. Changed my setup to a 3 man defensive midfield triangle: dmd- cma-aps. Working very good. So thank you. However Im having thougths about changing aps to rpl s, how does this sound? What is the difference between aps and rpl s?
  8. I got Naingolan as am, so I want him to defend but also contribute to the attack. Maybe put the striker on a attacking role? but wont my striker be too isolated if I put him to adv a or cf a?
  9. Im playing with Roma, in the second season I decided to go with a 4231 formation. Find it quite difficult to get it working. Formation: counter and structured df s w s- am s- w a ap s- cm d fb s- cd d-cd d-wb s TI: play out of defense, prevent short gk d PI: fb and wb: tackle harder, rwb cd: mark tighter ap s: none cm d: shorter passing w a: close down more, direct passes, tackle harder w s:close down more, tackle harder am s: none df s: move into channels, hold up ball Problems: Have some questionmarks about my two midfielders infront of my defence, need a stable defensive but also some offensive output, how to get that working? My wingers often cut inside (ppm) how to work around that as I want them to get some crosses in? Not much happening from my am s, how to get him involved more? Previously had some great succes with a df s, but now it is really a struggle, any ideas? I want a side that play solid in defense but with some counterattacking offensive
  10. Ok, but I have to very competent wingbacks in Mario Rui and A Florenzi so that should not be the problem. The problem is how to setup my tactic, maybe set my cbs to close down less to make them hold position and not venture after the ball?
  11. Been playing a few matches now and it works nice. The problem is that Im very vulnerable to crosses from deep, my wbs are set to close down more so thinking about to increase it to much more. Any other ideas how to stop this? My three cbs are now: cb stopper - cb cover- bplcb stopper, been thinking about how to set the closing down for these, any ideas? Also my cb stopper and bpld stopper is mark tight but my cb cover isnt marking tight Also changed my dpl to support, works in some matches but in other matches the opponent exploits the hole between cms and cb.
  12. The point of my topic was to create an own tactic, not to setup a tactic from the spurs tactic in the other thread. I was looking for opinions on my tactic and reading that thread dont help so much.
  13. Yes I read that thread, what is the thought behind moving the two central midfielders up to the central strata? What if I play them deeper(in line with the wbs)? will they not be able to contribute in the offensive?
  14. I play with Roma and want to create Spallettis 3-4-2-1. I play standard with fluid mentality, the only TI are play out of defence and roam from positions. The PIs are: cbs mark tighter, wbs: close down more and tackle harder, dpl: mark tighter, cm: none, apl: move into channels and close down more, am: move into channels and close down more, cf: none. My main concern is how to setting up my cbs when playing a 3 man defence, stopper cover etc? and how to get my midfield to work, do you need a defence duty in midfield when playing 3 at the back also some concerns about closing down. Also some concerns about the width of my team as my wbs are the only ones who offer width, I therefore set my am and apl to move into channels to provide some movement upfront. Maybe the biggest concern is how to get my striker to work, he is now cf a but Im open for changing that role but to what? So how to get this team to work and play like Spallettis Roma?
  15. Bought De Vrij, has been fantastic for me. Really fantastic buy.
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