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  1. show me one season when any team has to play 2 away games with 1 day brake. anyway, just finished 3rd season. i'm 4th yet it says i will play in EL not CL. plus i got 4 messages inbox, 2 that i qualified for El and 2 for CL.
  2. problem is it's happening every season. not just from time to time like in real life. so yes it is a bug.
  3. fix that bloody PL schedule finally. christmass games are messed up every season. every year games with 1 day break. cmon, it doesn't even need any discussion. IT DOESN'T HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE!!!!! in this case is just making fix game days in december. most team plays same day, few other day but none of them plays 2 games in those days. this situation with scheduling 2 rounds with 1 day brake shouldn'r ever happen.
  4. hi. schedule is messed up for me again. 1 day brake and it's with 2 away games. it's something that wouldn't ever happen in real life. i've checked schedule of 2 teams i'm playing against and there is space to reschedule those matches without any problem. Arsenal game takes place in EL so it's always same days, however their gamesin PL have been scheduled properly. my game against Man City could be easly moved few days earlier as they had no match in 9 days, not mentioning that their games i PL are scheduled properly as well. that start to be really annoying. i've uploaded save as well, it's named jonek2k3 - West Ham. regards.
  5. schedule for PM in my 2nd season is a little messed up. at christmas time 2 rounds are scheduled with 1 day brake. 26/12 na then 28/12.
  6. hi. i'm sorry but i don't have save from before of those interactions happened. i'm right now selling felipe anderson as he's very unhappy but i still can't play him because of lack of match fitness :(
  7. Hi. To not make new topic I will post here. Had very similar situation twice. 1 with my player and one with player on loan. I'm playing West ham, Felipe Anderson just started complaining about lack of 1st team football. Problem is he is constantly injured for about 2 months. He's starting recovery and getting injured before end of recovery or short after. I can't play injured player, yet his unhappy. 2nd case was with Marcos rojo. I got him on loan. He was injured but was to recover after first few games of season. He did, then started to get back to match fitness. Before reaching 80% of match fitness his manager started moaning his not playing enough. Short time later even he played few games he was recalled from loan. It's a big issue when it happens to key players. I will try to find save from before Anderson issue but might be hard as it was over 2 months ago.
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