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  1. Hi, There's my little problem : When i try by the workshop or by downloading it directly and put it in my documents, any file like tactics or shortlists doesn't appear in the game instead of the filters. Seems the same system for me but one appear and the others not and i d'ont understand why... Thank you all for reading.
  2. You know what my dear Jimmy ? i tried yours settings on Nvidia control and it seems to work !!! So from now on you're my new lord and savior xD You can consider this post resolved ! If i have any other issue (hope not), i know i can bother you I just have a little question for you ! In FM 18 my 3D graphics capability were 5 stars and in the 19 it's only 3. I don't seem to see any difference when i play but i'm curious about it. Again, thank you very much for your help !!! Very appreciated and keep going the good work !
  3. Hello, I've got an issue with my FM 2019, i'll explain it : I've got 2 graphics cards, the Nvidia 960M and the Intel. When the game is launch with the intel, i don't have any issues except that it's a little bit slow and the games are not so fluid so it ruins the game experience but at least i can play. When the game is launch with the Nvidia with high performances, i can run the game, it's fast and games are great but it crashes when i try to save. Furthermore, my save is unloadable. It started when i updated my pilotes after starting playing fm 19,but then, even on FM 18 it happens... So i'd try to uninstall and install again nvidia pilotes but nothing changes. If anyone have a solution to my problem i will be very thankfull. Thank you all for reading . PS: I've got an ASUS.
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