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  1. Just in case nobody noticed, this effects current/previous saves too. Well it did for me anyway. Has to be fixed today.
  2. @wixxi The annoying thing is i understand this as i've watched a lot of Bustthenet but it seems wrong to completely dismiss the descriptions given sometimes. But i need to! Its the same reason i've gone to Balanced and below for the team, as it stops the weird balls hoofed over the top that i hate and just overall being better for possession. Very helpful as ive been focused in other areas and forgot players have individual mentalities. @Experienced Defender Definitely going to post my Tactic in a separate post as i can explain exactly what im trying to achieve. Your point about Wingers with no AMC could fix another problem im having too.
  3. OK so say i want an Inside Forward. Support Duty says (Cut diagonally across defense), Attack says (Runs directly at defense). I have been taking this as: Support will cut inside into space with the ball at his feet & Attack will just run at the defense without having to be into space. I'm now thinking (Run at defense) means without the ball and is more looking to get on the end of things rather than create? The same description is given to Winger, Wingbacks & Advanced Playmakers. So basically regardless of what you are trying to create are Attack Duties more setup up for Direct Play or Counter Attack? I'm an Arsenal fan and we now have Pepe and im trying to go away from Wengerball & Too much possession basically trying to create Emeryball. Pepe's natural position is IF on Attack but i want him to use his dribbling to drive the ball into the final third and then finish or find Laca or Auba. Auba being on the opposite flank (who i actually think should have the Attack Duty). Pepe on Support or Attack?? Might just post my Tactic and ask for help
  4. So during Pre Season or any match really, having more than one Match Practice session is ineffective? Or is it only the sessions with an effect on Upcoming Match that don't stack. Basically can you not double up on ANY "Match Prep" sessions? Ive been wasting so many sessions.
  5. I am Super cautious when it comes to pressing Continue. For example when i start a save, i do not press continue until i have everything sorted to my preferences. Schedule, Training, Staff, Responsibilities, Scouting staff shortlists. If i don't disable first transfer window all offers made on first day. If creating a new Tactic i probably wont go to the next day for HOURS. 1. Because its so easy to forget things. 2. A new manager IRL will have more time if brought in at start of a season, to adjust things and would already know who he wants to bring in before even coming on board. Every day you just skip passed is restricting your time.
  6. @CVFerdinand What effect does changing Pitch Min and Max dimensions have? (I have noticed it in many peoples Editor files) Same question for Team Contracts?
  7. @benefactor_r @joaquin87 I deleted all the Youth Rating changes myself in Editor, so i can try this out. If there is a easy way to send or upload i don't mind if its cool with the creator of the original file.
  8. On tactics screen say you have a 4-2-3-1. If you drag the AMC (number 10) off-center the Wide Forwards seem to come Narrower. And if you drag 1 CM to a DM the 3 behind the striker seem to mover higher, if you then move the DM central the Wing Backs seem to move out wider. Does this actually have an effect on the pitch or is it just want the UI does due to the random positioning? It shows the same change if you look at the in possession or out of possession screens.
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