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  1. I don't think you can be fluid in multiple positions, especially if they need to keep playing a position to become familiar. I believe a better player attribute wise is more important, if you are comparing a Fluid vs Accomplished player. You can choose the player better in that role. If you are comparing a Fluid player and someone competent or worse. You may want to use the Fluid player. You can train them in either Position and Role that you want depends on how you want that player to develop. I like to train Ainsley maitland-niles as an Advanced Playmaker(Attack) but currentl
  2. I thought the whole thing was that there is no "Role Familiarity" only Positional. That's what people like @Rashidi, Foxinthebox and Zealand have been putting a lot of emphasis on for a while now. The sessions that include "Individual roles" notice it is NOT under Tactical Familiarity it is under Attributes. This the only time i believe players will train the specific attributes for that role, not increasing Familiarity. You did say its not your area of expertise.
  3. Can you do anything in regards to training maybe? I know to keep an eye on an injury prone player in Medical Centre but can i get them fitter? I'm Arsenal and thinking specifically about Emile Smith-Rowe & even Ozil and Tierney.
  4. The way i check body language i also did on FM20. Click on 'Shouts' click on any arrow next to a shout and the teams body language will come up.
  5. I understand why a a lot of people will have a problem with the match day analytics. But i think its more realistic having most the information available at ht & ft as your staff have had more time to actually create data. And more specifically about The Dugout, i guess the information given there is more 'on the fly', yes you have a bunch of useless dots but if you didnt know already now you know your passing very well. More detail at HT. I dont think its a flaw. I really like this change myself.
  6. @wixxi The annoying thing is i understand this as i've watched a lot of Bustthenet but it seems wrong to completely dismiss the descriptions given sometimes. But i need to! Its the same reason i've gone to Balanced and below for the team, as it stops the weird balls hoofed over the top that i hate and just overall being better for possession. Very helpful as ive been focused in other areas and forgot players have individual mentalities. @Experienced Defender Definitely going to post my Tactic in a separate post as i can explain exactly what im trying to achieve. Your point about Wing
  7. OK so say i want an Inside Forward. Support Duty says (Cut diagonally across defense), Attack says (Runs directly at defense). I have been taking this as: Support will cut inside into space with the ball at his feet & Attack will just run at the defense without having to be into space. I'm now thinking (Run at defense) means without the ball and is more looking to get on the end of things rather than create? The same description is given to Winger, Wingbacks & Advanced Playmakers. So basically regardless of what you are trying to create are Attack Duties more s
  8. So during Pre Season or any match really, having more than one Match Practice session is ineffective? Or is it only the sessions with an effect on Upcoming Match that don't stack. Basically can you not double up on ANY "Match Prep" sessions? Ive been wasting so many sessions.
  9. I am Super cautious when it comes to pressing Continue. For example when i start a save, i do not press continue until i have everything sorted to my preferences. Schedule, Training, Staff, Responsibilities, Scouting staff shortlists. If i don't disable first transfer window all offers made on first day. If creating a new Tactic i probably wont go to the next day for HOURS. 1. Because its so easy to forget things. 2. A new manager IRL will have more time if brought in at start of a season, to adjust things and would already know who he wants to bring in before even coming on board. Ever
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