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  1. First post in here, I've got a question. I recently ended my first save which had all leagues loaded from England, Italy and Spain, plus some other players loaded. I had to end it because in 2030 the game had slowed down really noticably and it got frustrating. So my new save has just got England loaded down to BSN/BSS. I was thinking of doing a career update but thought it might be difficult to keep it interesting with only the one country loaded. What do you lot think, and are there any existing updates with only one country running? I started out at Tooting & Mitcham and was thinking of calling it "The 2nd Best Career Thread Featuring Tooting & Mitcham", any opinions, dafuge?
  2. If the researchers for each team did it then it would be manageable. This idea is a good one for realism, having a quick look at the Prem on my go there are: Chelsea Stadium, Rush Park (Liverpool), Goater Stadium (City), Stoke Stadium, Klinsmann Stadium (Tottenham), West Ham Stadium, Everton Stadium. Not very imaginative. And having a ground named after Shaun Goater?
  3. I don't think it's worth the extra work to be honest. Think that if you do implement tier 7 with the same amount of detail as the other tiers then information on tier 8 would be needed for promotions to tier 7. There are a lot of leagues in tier 8, so it's unfeasible to do it with FM's high standards.
  4. There may be a problem with that, I don't really know what 'regular' LLM is.
  5. Just for clarification, I've started writing an "LLM" article. This is purely based on the LLM Forum on these boards. Is that wrong? Well, not so much wrong, but in your opinion should it still have the title LLM? I ask this because most people seem to regard LLM as managing in a lower division, but according to the LLM board, it isn't.
  6. I'm not really too familiar with the Wiki, but it seems like there's no LLM page on it. Is there a place for this, should I add one? Or try to get a more experienced LLMer to add one?
  7. We seem to be past the Polish stage and I may have missed this one, but Przemyslaw Kazmierczak is one I seem to remember from a while back.
  8. ...the first thing you do after turning on the computer is load up FM, and the last thing before you turn it off is save your game and exit. Even if you don't plan on actually playing it, it's nice to have it there.
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