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  1. Thanks. Obviously it's part of the game so I take it there's nothing you can do about this in terms of strength of academy etc? I've had no wonderkids through in years, yet they've nabbed two off me.
  2. Am a few years into the game managing Everton and tried to sign a wonderkid from City, looked at his history and noticed that he started out with Everton. Now I always keep a close eye when the youngsters are generated and make sure I know the good ones so I'm sure I'd have noticed him being there, then being poached. A year later and the same happened again, City again and another wonderkid who started out in the Everton academy. Am I going mad or does this happen before they are generated? So they go straight to their youth team but the history shows a previous club?
  3. Will the tactics screen ever be changed? I don't think I can stand playing it the way it is.
  4. Team selection is really winding me up, so much so that it's stopping me playing the game at all. It is absolutely horrible to use.
  5. they are now selling two versions: one with beta access and one without.
  6. Have just started my first game, playing as Everton and generally doing ok result wise. A bit inconsistent but have drawn away to United, Liverpool and Arsenal and sit in 6th place. However in almost every game, particularly against those teams 'better' than us we seem to concede a ridiculous number of shots. 35, 33, 27, 36 have been the highest so far with 15-20 odd on target. I've tweaked the formation to make it more solid, or so I thought, dropping the AM back to CM for example or playing with two DMs but the problem persists. Anyone with similar issues or ideas? Forgot the formation: http://prntscr.com/22ewxn
  7. Thanks but I don't seem to be able to do that. When I right click I get no option to delete reports in the Scouting bit. Any ideas?
  8. Only added and removed MLS, shouldn't make too much difference should it? That was ages ago as well, it's only really this season that it's slowed massively.
  9. I remember if previous years there were steps to take when the game started to slow down. I'm now in 2030 and the game has become unplayable, are there still steps to take in easing this problem? Apologies if it's been mentioned before, I searched but couldn't find any information.
  10. I usually start a game unemployed when I first get FM. Always select automatic reputation and might struggle with work at first but always get something, then tend to go a year at most without a job. This time however I'm really struggling. I took a job at Cowdenbeath after first season, took them to playoffs but lost in the final and was promptly sacked. Since then I've gone two and a half years with all of England and Scotland playable, holidaying and applying for any job and had nothing. Surely this isn't right? Maybe the automatic reputation needs improving a little? I did fairly well in the one job I've had but even so, the auto reputation should see you getting some kind of job or what would be the point in it? I hate selecting anything other than auto as it feels like cheating.
  11. Completely agree, the one thing that has really annoyed me about this demo.
  12. I had a great tactic that worked at all levels on 10.2 but since the patch I can't buy a win. Anybody had any experience of a good tactic with lesser players? 4-5-1 or 4-4-2 preferably.
  13. Am I missing a link here? One at the top is dead and I'd like to try this. Cheers.
  14. Goalkeepers for me, always the goalkeepers.