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  1. Hi guys, some other questions on different topics: 1. Mark tigher. Does this also apply when specific marking instructions are not given? More importantly, how does this interact with a high-pressing gameplan? I.e. Assume they haven't been given specific marking instruction, does tight marking mean they will mark a player closely even if it doesn't make sense to close down that particular in the context of the pressing situation? I've been experimenting with the "mark tighter" as a way to overcome the hard-coded low intensity PI's for forwards, but I can't figure what's going on. 2. Move into channels. My understanding IRL, move into channels means make forward runs between the fullback and centreback. However, I get the impression this means something different in FM. Otherwise why is it hardly of the wide forward roles have this option?
  2. Help Please, Haven't played FM for 5+ years so many recent tactical settings are confusing. I'm familiar with football tactics IRL, just not game mechanics regarding tactics. 1. Player roles . How exactly are roles defined in the game? Are the player roles merely a template for a collection of PI's, or do they specify something over and beyond just the PI's (i.e. something we don't have access to)? If it's the latter, more than just a collection of PI's, how can we overcome some limitations with how they are defined. E.g. I want my inside forwards to press aggressively AND also push back the defensive line when in possession (ala Luis Suarez), however many of the forward roles have low pressing intensity. This seems counter-intuitive because I would expect forwards to press more aggressively than mids and defenders for counter-pressing gameplans. Some other restrictions I find counter-intuitive: trequartista is one of the few attacking-mid roles with option of intense pressing but the in-game desciption says "the Trequartista does far less defensively and simply drifts around looking for space when the team is not in possession.” How would I create a De Bruyne type role with advance playmaker specifics in possession but also with intense pressing (he's often seen pressing even higher than the forward line IRL)? 2. Generic Roles. I looked to using generic roles to bypass these restrictions. For roles like "Attacking Midfielder", "Winger", "Central Defender", are these actually generic roles without those special instructions we don't have access to? If so, why do most players have such low ratings with these roles, but higher ratings with specialised roles? Would expect the opposite. More generally, is the use of these generic roles recommended? What are the pros and cons? 3. Familiarity ratings for roles. Can we just ignore these ratings if we know their attributes are suitable? Really want to master the new tactic gameplay so help much appreciated!
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