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  1. I have been reading alot of these ideas and the ones i agree with and would like to see in the game are:- 1.I would like to be interviewed for a managerial position at a club if you apply for it. 2.I really like the idea about fitness tests. 3.I have thought for a long time that it would be a good idea to be able to set season/ticket prices yourself. 4.I like the fan day thing in FM08 but i believe it would be better if you could arrange things yourself such as fan days, open days, taking the players to training camps etc, but not to have the board arranging this. 5.I would really like it if at some point in the game if you could become chairman or buy a club and run it and make decisions it would make the game even more interesting. 6.It would definitley be a good idea to be able to be a TV pundit and comment on games. 7.It would be good to have new features to make money for the club such as setting the price of football shirts and maybe having a sale and doing fund raising events to make more money for the club.
  2. I would like to see alot of new features in the next FM game, there has not been enough new features added to FM 2008. I would like there to be board meetings every week and for there to be alot more interaction with the board over several matters to make it more realistic. Agents should definitely be involved in the game as they are a big part of football. There should also be some kind of sponsorship in the game where you can choose your own sponsorship etc and choose sponsors for advertising boards etc. Something that would be very good is if after each season you could design next seasons kit or get given designs of new kits and new kit sponsors like you do in real life to make it more realistic. Also i think there should be options to change season ticket prices and ticket prices and offer kids cheap tickets and offer discounts etc to improve attendances, this would be good especially for lower league clubs.
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