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  1. Thanks to all the people who offered me help, I think I'm starting to get to grips a bit more with the way that the tactical model in the game works now thanks to your advice, and also the Bust The Net videos that @Experienced Defender mentioned. This is what I came up with, still quite basic but I've seen a massive improvement in both results, but more importantly also in play. I'm going to look into playing a few games with a 4-4-2 diamond as well, partly because I think my subs are more suited to that kind of style, and to have at least one alternative if things go badly during a match. Results have gone my way, but they've mostly been quite easy games so I might hit a road block further down the road (Tottenham and Bayern away don't sound easy, but Tottenham used a pretty weird line-up and Bayern were quite hit by injury)
  2. 1. Looks like the way to go until I can learn enough about the newer tactics to go a bit more attacking without going overboard 2. Thinking about it, what I was doing must have been leaving some massive gaps with the full backs so far away, no wonder I was getting plastered 3. One big thing I learnt is that the old fluidity setting no longer exists, I used to use a lot more attacking roles with the fluidity turned up so the players came deeper and got involved more, now fluidity's apparently based on the number of support roles, so what I thought was my old tactics were completely different to what I was asking the team to do in FM 19 4. That's another reason why 4-1-4-1 might work better as well 5. If you want to cover one side of midfield, what do you do, set that full back to defend, ask it to underlap?
  3. Oh yeah, I'm just saying I personally could never make it work, but as this thread proves I'm hardly a tactical genius, I'm sure a good player could make it work very well Thanks, that all makes a lot of sense. I avoided some of the newer roles I wasn't familiar with, like Mezzala, but actually reading the description properly it sounds like it should fit Pogba. Yeah, I actually looked closely at them for the first time and realised how extreme some of them were, I assumed the default styles would be a bit more watered-down
  4. Yeah neither do I, always felt like cheating really to go into a season much stronger than the real life team I think I was trying to use him too much like I used Carrick in FM13, maybe I could get away with that because Carrick was just a shade faster and, honestly, better. But I think you're probably right, DM is the way to go To keep the wing backs close to the wingers, should I use matching mentalities ie IF (A) and WB (A) so they maintain a distance, or should they mix ie IF (A) and WB (S) so that the flank doesn't get too attacking?
  5. I've always had terrible experiences using any kind of 5 defender system, but which midfielders did you use successfully in a diamond, Matic-Herra-Pogba-Mata? If I went 4-1-4-1 do you think DLP (D), BBM, AP (A) with the wingers on support could work? That makes sense with the BWM, honestly I've just been tied to the need for one that I just kept including one even though I could see the evidence that it wasn't working right in front of my face I take your point about the presets; a player could do better I'm sure, but most of them are new to me and I'm wary of overloading the tactic with complexity, or inadvertently making some instruction fight another.
  6. No, I'm not tied to 4-2-3-1 as a system, and seeing as both you and the poster above you suggested 4-1-2-2-1 as a better system I'll see how I go with that The answer to your first three questions is basically; it's been a long time since I played the game and most of what I'm doing was common practice in much older versions of the game. I'm not blaming the game or anything, I've just developed so many bad habits that I'm finding it difficult to play the game correctly. The full-backs were set on auto because it was the best way to get "classic" full back play where they stayed on the wingers in defence and went forward in possession, nothing fancy. I've got my front 4 on attack because narrow 4-2-3-1 formations used to be a solid choice in FMs when tiki-taka was at the peak of it's popularity, but AMs on support would just crowd your midfielders without achieving anything productive. Combining a BBM and AM on attack was pretty successful too, when the midfielder was a generalist instead of a specialist passer. In answer to your last question; no, not really I just looked at the wealth of new options and thought; fast players>wing play>wing play preset.
  7. Which would work best as support, the wingers so they're dropping back far enough to defend? Or should I just set whichever players are best at defending as support players?
  8. FM 2019 is my first FM since 2013 and the improvements in the game have left me behind, way behind. I figured I'd start with Man Utd because they're having a tough time in real life so I thought it'd be an interesting save and the results I got were utterly awful. I played about half a season and was way down in 8th with the team really struggling, and it wasn't one of those "the AI gets one shot on target and scored a fluke in every game" situation either, I was getting deservedly beaten regularly. If anything I was the one benefiting from fluke results. So I'm wondering if anyone familiar with Man Utd in this version could offer me some help. I started with the standard wing play tactic because Man Utd at least has quick players, Lukaku's pretty good in the air and the team's passing ability isn't that high so I figured that was the best starting point, and my general FM experience has taught me that it's best to start simple before refining a tactic through lots of testing in games. Performances were dire though, especially in midfield where I just couldn't get any player to perform to a decent level, all my midfielders' average grades were below 7. I used to always play BWM (D) and DLP (S) in midfield in older FMs but that didn't seem viable in this version because old-school BWMs have almost disappeared from the game, so I went with DLP (D) and BBM (S) instead, but I have no idea if that's a viable combination. I don't have a screenshot of my tactic because I had a hissy fit and deleted the save file, but I was using the default wing play tactic with the following instructions: GK - GK (D) Mostly de Gea DR - WB (Auto) Mostly Young DL - WB (Auto) Mostly Shaw DCR - BPD (D) Mostly Lindelof DCL - CB (D) Mostly Smalling MCR - BBM (S) Mostly Herrera MCL - DLP (D) Mostly Matic AMR - W (A) 50/50 between Sanchez and Lingard AMC - AM (A) Mostly Pogba AML - IF (A) Mostly Martial ST - TM (A) When Lukaku or AF (A) when Rashford So I had a few basic questions: If you've played Man Utd in FM 2019 what basic style and formation did you use? Am I just way off in thinking 4-2-3-1 wing play is a good idea? Am I going too attacking with the attacking midfield layer, would it actually be better to have a support player there? In previous FMs I found that players in those positions with support duties just cramped the midfielders but things might be very different in this one What's a good combination of midfielder duties in a two player midfield, is DLP (D) and BBM (S) just really bad when combined?
  9. I know you get this a lot, but I really think there's something bugged when it comes to players' assessments of their own performances when you criticise them. Usually when people bring this up it's brushed off as being down the personality of players, or the [game] player being too harsh, but something recently occurred to me. It's *only* midfielders who react negatively when you criticise them justifiably for poor performances. When I criticise defenders for poor defending or strikers for poor finishing, they always take it on the chin as long as I'm not being too harsh, but midfielders fairly consistently refuse criticism, and insist that they've played well. I really think there's something badly off in either the specific dialogue lines that check for the wrong stats, or the parameters set there as to what constitutes a "good" performance (on a personal level I'd prefer if the game just went back to the old system of simply saying you played quite/very well/badly). As an example of what I'm talking about, I've uploaded a save to your cloud named "JGB24 Man Utd 2018-19 Save 4". I just got thumped, badly, by Liverpool. I already spoke the the defenders who played badly (Valencia, Bailly, Smalling) and they reacted as you'd expect, ie. apologetic for the performances (even Bailly, who I probably was a bit hard on). But when it came to the midfielders I got the following reactions that you should be able to replicate: To Pogba (6.3 rating, 16 out of 23 passes completed, no key passes, no chances created) - Our strikers were feeding off scraps Pogba - I didn't have enough of the ball Alternatively - Your passing was not good enough Pogba - Have you been to the opticians recently? To Sanchez (6.4 rating, 10 out of 19 passes completed, no key passes, no chances created) - Our strikers were feeding off scraps Sanchez - Have you been to the opticians recently? Alternatively - Your passing was not good enough Sanchez - In my opinion I played well, your criticism is uncalled for To Lingard (6.4 rating, 6 (!) out of 15 passes completed, no key passes, no chances created) - Your passing was not good enough Lingard - Have you been to the opticians recently? Alternatively - Our strikers were feeding off scraps Lingard - I have to disagree, I'm playing some of my best football at the moment (He's not by the way, season average rating is 6.88 after five games, lowest of anyone in the squad who's played regularly) To Mata (6.4 rating, 12 out of 16 passes completed, no key passes, no chances created) - Our strikers were feeding off scraps Mata - Have you been to the opticians recently? Alternatively - Your passing was not good enough Mata - I have to disagree, I'm playing some of my best football at the moment I know this is only one match, but it's repeated itself as an issue during recent matches where I've actually had to criticise midfielders (to be honest I rarely bother unless a team performance has been awful or one specific player has been diabolical). And I want to stress again that the reason why I feel this is a bug is because it only occurs when I'm talking to midfielders and the reactions can be utterly bizarre in terms of how aggressive and defensive midfield players only get when they've been very poor. I definitely think this happened with a patch at some point, maybe the first one, I was able to interact normally with midfielders when I first installed the game. Edit: One thing I forgot to mention is that I did quite a lot of database editing on the team, making some players better, others worse. I haven't got the in game editor though, so I don't think it should affect the save?
  10. Thanks for answering, I've already secured promotion because I'm ten points ahead with only two games to go, so would I be right to assume that the League One rules wouldn't affect me when I get promoted if they're assessed monthly? I know I might still fail the Championship FFP rules as well, but I'm assuming the club would have less of a problem complying with them because income would be higher. I re-read the rules and there's not a hard cap like I thought, I don't even know where I got that idea from.
  11. I'm managing Portsmouth in League One, and long story short, I forgot about FFP because the last FM I played was FM 13, before FFP even existed. I'm going to fail FFP spectacularly, there's no real chance of me getting my wage bill down and keeping a full match squad. Does anyone know what the specific punishment is for failing FFP in League One? It says there's a transfer ban, but never having got one I don't know how long it will last, if it applies to player contracts, or if the board will sell off players to comply. I don't even know if I'll get punished at all if I'm promoted, or whether I'll be judged by the Championship's FFP rules instead (League One has a hard wage cap, if the Championship has one too I'd easily pass that cap). If the transfer ban's only a season and that's the only issue I have to live with, the squad should be strong enough to get by, but anything more than that and I've probably trashcanned a very promising save through my own stupidity in not checking out a new aspect of the game.
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