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    I have liked football since I was a kid. I played as a centreback in a regional league but a series of ankle sprains and other foot related issues forced me to "retire" before I even reached 20.

    Nowadays I spend all my waking hours analysing and theorising about football.

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    Football theorist and enthusiast. If I don't get to think about it I don't enjoy it.


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    Football, Chess, MMA.

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    Early 1990s AC Milan.

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  1. Thank you for the video, I didn't know of it's existence. I like how he makes a distinction between "parking the bus" (which I consider to be an exclusively circumstantial aproach to football) and the Catenaccio as a complete system dedicated to both defense and attack. I knew of Rappan's Verrou but I consider the Catenaccio to be the refined product while the Verrou was the first "stab in the dark". I do not change the system regardless of formation. Was I to remain truer to my understanding of football I would constantly change approaches in small ways to optimize my chance
  2. I haven't received a single goal from corners as of now. there was the extremely odd penalty and every 3 games of so a free kick went in. I haven't talked about team training but I made use of set piece training early into the season because I knew that with the reduced number of conventional chances my team would have defending and attacking set pieces would be an imperative. There are several good guides to set pieces although I recommend the series of articles on the subject recently written by a quite famous FM writer who goes by the name Guido. You can find them here. http
  3. Could you elaborate? Who did you field? Where your centrebacks strong on the air? Were your midfielders similar to the archetypes I mentioned?
  4. ON THE QUESTION OF SQUADBUILDING. THE MIDFIELD THREE. (I think of the trequartista as as part of my attacking unit, while he does drop deep to put pressure on the opossitions deepest midfielder his role is an attacking one and I will talk about him when I talk about my attackers) There is no point in creating a system if the players at your disposal are not endowed with the skill and mentality required to play it. Too often I focused on stats and ability ranking when signing a player only to realise he had no place in my squad. Certain styles allow for a greater numb
  5. An inverted Wingback is the only LB that has the instruction Cut Inside, because my RW, Vrsaljko (Croatia needs to be introduced to the beautiful world of vowels), starts his run a little further up it makes sense for the LB to cut inside to be in place for a crossed ball or a stray ball from a header. when my Trequartista is in place the he automatically looks dor with like a normal Wingback. Would you mind sharing your interpretation of defensive football?
  6. I haven't recorded my campaign up to this point but you make a great point. As soon as I can I will take some screenshots so you can see my tactic in action.
  7. 1.- WHY I AM STARTING THIS PROJECT If you are like me you spend almost every hour talking with someone over football, watching someone play football or playing it yourself. This is my first time interacting with the FM community, I have decided to do this because of a conversation I had a week ago. I was talking with a friend about a match between Barcelona and At. Bilbao that ended with a 1-1 draw. At. Bilbao scored early and then almost managed to leave Camp Nou with three points but Barcelona managed to score from a weird rebound. Luis Suarez said something along the lines of: "Th
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