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  1. Finally found a tactic that works. Went unbeaten 25+ games. Won Europa League, beat Real madrid 3-0 in the final. Won Cara too v 907876223_FM20.2.34231KnapPar1sParisienneWaalkwaysvP101FA.fmf
  2. Is it better to holiday with 'use current team selection when possible' ticked or unticked?
  3. How do you guys holiday quicker instead of processing through each day?
  4. Guys I know this might be a noob question but how do you simulate a whole season quickly? You go on holiday right but it goes through every single day on the calender which is time consuming
  5. Knap what would you say is the best underdog tactic for a mid-low table championiship side?
  6. Hey @knap What 442 version would you recommend for 19.1.1? P109 all cups?
  7. Struggling with all 442's in the Serie A, everyone is playing 5 at the back
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