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  1. Knap what would you say is the best underdog tactic for a mid-low table championiship side?
  2. Hey @knap What 442 version would you recommend for 19.1.1? P109 all cups?
  3. Struggling with all 442's in the Serie A, everyone is playing 5 at the back
  4. Tested 19.3.5WULF4132PFDMIWBSPKnapP112ALLCUPSNOLOSS with Spurs for one season. Lost one game against Everton. Kane with 33 goals and Dele with 15. I played Sissoko at DW when Moura got injured, played Rose DWL when Son got injured. Great season. Thanks @knap
  5. 442 P109 beowulf or Wulf? Could you link please. Thanks Knap
  6. I've been using FM 19.1.4 P110 442 and I'm 3rd in the league but I've been getting so many injuries. Is P109 similar intensity?
  7. @knapWhat tactics would you recommend for Wolves on FM 19.1.1?
  8. Hi knap, what would you recommend for Wolves? 4141 attacking? or 442?
  9. I haven't tried Goodbye 343, what's the difference between that and ARGUS?
  10. I won the championship with Leeds united by 20 points, went unbeaten for 28 games using 343 ARGUS. Got promoted and it hasn't been working in the Prem. Switched to the 4231 PRESS and just beat arsenal 5-0 loooool. Only thing I've changed is mentality to balanced instead of Attacking. I don't know what SUS tactic to use for hard hard games
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