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  1. Just a FYI... The next scouting meeting triggered for me the day after the last match of the season 23 of April and then I had one more one week later on the 30 of April and then I've returned to the big nothing which I assume last until the transfer window opens again 1 of July..(when I get there..) By the way..The DoF issue is just loan offers as far as I know..don't have a budget to buy so who knows. But he does a good job on the free transfers. br Jozzy
  2. Hi Ben Getting messaged that the file I tried to upload now is locked. I have uploaded the same file with the new name "SMDT.fm" Another note.. the two checkboxes for stop scouting when player moves does always trigger for me. I had them checked a few seasons back but unchecked them but still my scouts stop scouting when a player move. I have also tried to create a new game to see if the same bug persists and it seems to pop up again. I choose a vanarama league club and advanced a few weeks ahead but the scouting center says the transfer window is closed. I'm in mid November and got 6 months until the window closes so I assume I will get the same bug moving forward. And a sidenote question... if you advance my save a few weeks forward you will notice that my DoF is trying to make loan offers for a few players. These offers fail and I am being asked to give a new offer. Why do I get asked about this? Isn't my DoF handling his own transfers? br Jozzy
  3. - No scouting meetings are being held. Only randomly once in a while a scouting meeting pops up. Changing prefrences for how often meetiings should be held does nothing. - Transfer window is open but under scouting centers>prefrences it says "Transfer window is currently closed." When the transfer window closes and then reopens the scouting center recognice it and it says its open for about a month or two before it once again claims that it is closed even though it remains open. The same thing happen every year so far even when I was at another club earlier on. Am I doing something wrong or what is happening? This worked with no problems on FM18 I have uploaded a file called "ScoutingMeetingsDontTrigger.fm" to the cloud.
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