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  1. Much appreciated. Unfortunately, I've tried everything you good people have suggested but no luck so far.
  2. Thanks for all your help. Editor gets error message when I load, as thought I'd try that to see if I could load things up from there. Somewhere along the lines, things are not linking up.
  3. Tried it but not working. Restart everything? I still have the FM19 folder located on steam too. Don't touch that? I really do appreciate the help. Very frustrating for you guys I bet haha
  4. Ok by searching sports interactive I found this FM19 folder which has an editor folder and skins folder - guessing this is the one? I've put the mod I want into the editor file. Restarted game but still nothing at the moment,
  5. Swear Kubi, I have checked all and NONE of them have the folder for the game. Promise!
  6. Apologies for not getting this lads. I've screenshot what I see file wise. Any direction from here would be great.
  7. Really appreciate all the help but nothing is bloody working lol. The steam workshop isn't working through app or online. The actual game is installed into 'steam' folder rather than 'my documents' and there is no editor folder. Not downloaded any skins etc yet.
  8. With a fresh pair of eyes, I'll have a look. Thanks very much for your help.
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