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  1. Why dont you go have a look yourself, theres also a thread in the bugs forum
  2. I thought it wouldnt be possible to make football manager game worse than last years edition, so i bought Fm 21 because Fm 17 was getting boring, but yet again Si continues to surprise me. There is so many bugs from captains being removed without any reason and then complaining why i removed him and i havent touched a thing, assigning team numbers is broken, pre contract negotiations where players refuse to negotiate contract, even though you've met all their demands, YOUTH INTAKE!, offside goals where the player is clearly onside, fickle, unambitious, temperamental personalities on alot
  3. Minute 15, goal disallowed when the player was clearly onside. Almería v Albacete Balompié.pkm
  4. The file name is: Seb The man - 1860 München.fm I also noticed a lot of good regen staff have bad personalitys, like temperamental, unambitious and fickle.
  5. I've played a few seasons both on the beta and full release and there seems to be a lot of regens with this type of personality, especially good regens and with the new mentoring system, there is not much you can do to change that personality, its completely unrealistic that so many professionel football players would have this personality.
  6. The match engine is still pretty bad imo, also a thing that really annoys me are goal ratios for strikers from ai controlled teams, the amount of goals seem way to low, you'll be lucky to see guys like Messi or Ronaldo score over 0.5 a game, hope fm 20 will be better.
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