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  1. What worries me more is how the crashes affect my computer, complete freezing of my PC, and i have Eleven sport running on my other monitor (dual monitor set up) and it crashes that, also crashes any web pages i have open (Eleven sport is in web page currently on PC so that explains that). No other game ever affect things in the way this game does when it crashes, not a criticism that just an observation.
  2. No mate i've not added a thing. Happily playing 20 hours and bosch, no more. I'll figure it out eventually but it really does get very tiresome every time a new version comes out.
  3. Well i was enjoying it, had the first crash and now the game is completely unplayable and just crashes within a second to a minute of restarting, sometimes before the load game screen, sometimes after the game has loaded. Year after year the same old problems, very poor stuff really as the game seems much improved.
  4. Definitely an improvement on FM18, especially tactically. One gripe mind, a thing that has annoyed the hell of out me for ages, when the GK makes a save, one of your attackers goes to get the ball when it's on the byline, your player runs up to the ball and just misses it, runs slightly passed, miss controls or whatever nonsense it is, for the defender to clear it. Irritating and stupid.
  5. All these videos are telling me i should buy Gentner, he's brilliant virtually every game Good vids these
  6. I'm not criticising it's inclusion so don't get me wrong, it's a nice addition if only really cosmetic. It's just the OCD in me has had to point out it's not correctly implemented. It's a start and while this will take far smarter brains than mine, little replays of the foul, maybe a message across the screen letting you know the obvious that the studio refs are looking at the incident etc. It's a new feature for SI to develop, tweak and fiddle with going forward i would think.
  7. Vars doesn't work like that in real life as it does in the video, well not straight away. The refs in the studio (or wherever they're hiding) will look at video replays to see if it's a penalty, it's only if they can't decide either way, they'll advise the on field ref of that and he will go over and look at the monitor to have the final say after looking at the replays himself. A ref has never ran straight to a monitor at the side of pitch before the studio refs have advised him to.
  8. Aye have to agree, very impressed with it. Just the columns moving when you have the tactics screen expanded the only real downer i've found so far. Fwiw, the columns moving is only if you don't reduce your tactics screen. It becomes a non issue if you reduce the tactics and add more columns, expanding and reducing your screen doesn't alter the columns at all, expanding the tactics screen just moves it over the top of your columns. Good little addition imo.
  9. IRONTUSK, do you know you can press the pin just to the top right of the pitch, then press reduce and the pitch reduces.
  10. And to top it off, yet again the columns do their own thing and shift left each time i leave the screen and go back. Also the condition/shape column can't be moved left or right, you pick it up and it refuses to move.
  11. Well that's weird, load the editor and the Tercera Leagues are indeed playable, but i always check and test the Nations rules to make sure they're valid. I did that and when you look at the Tercera divisons it says inactive. I didn't notice you used advanced rules, wierd it says inactive when you look at the file in the editor (not in advanced the rules) But it does indeed work fine, my apologises Zoiberg, cracking file
  12. I'll check again , defo was inactive on the download file (yesterday anyhoo).
  13. Am i missing something ?, the third division (4th tier) is inactive in the download file.
  14. Pretty good 14 was, better than last years. One thing for 15 i'd like, for the makers to get the bloody rules of football right. A penalty, a corner or free kick that hits a post and comes back to the original taker without touching another player is an indirect free kick to the other team. And i'll scream if i see another goal kick that doesn't leave the area before being played. Basic football rules should be correct, annoying for me more as i referee.
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