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    Dynamic formations

    Yes, but i don't think the ME takes a wide midfielder as a wide forward if i just say to go forward when in possession. Moreover, there are a lot of changes i would do to my team for every phase of play (and are actually made in real football) that are not possible here.
  2. Fabbio

    Dynamic formations

    Well, actually i like the changes they made... Now at least i feel like the principles used to make my tactics are the same used in real life... But yes, without giving the opportunity to let the user choose where the players should stay i feel i'm missing something
  3. Year after year, the formation in a team tactic is always less relevant in real life football as coaches prefer to have 2 different formations for the different phases of play. And i think it's nearly impossible to replicate, ie, allegri's juve without the chance to pass from a 442 out of possession to a 433 on possession. It would be a great change for the game as well. This, for now is only possible for a few roles in game (the half back maybe with some roles). Will se ever see something like this in fm?
  4. A key feature of sarriball is "to attack on a small pitch and to defend on a large one". Namely, it just means to keep the team wide in possession and narrow in defence. In addition, i woud set: Short passing, high tempo, time wasting sometimes, high creativity, roam from position. I haven't tried it yet, but i hope in this way the players will spontaneusly get close to the ball keeper to create high Local density and new passing lines, as in real chelsea's/napoli's games
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