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  1. Hey Guys, I really like Pep and his influence on tactics, and certainly also his influence on us FMers. I have not yet been able to test this tactic as I am not familiar with testning and tinkering that much. But from what Ive read in this thread, you Guys really inspired me. I am No guru neither very good at creating difficult replications of real Life tactics. So just take this shot for what it is, nothing more nothing less. Dell free to test it, and Also play around with TI's and so on, as Ive not come to this yet. This is not a complet replication. The Libero role in this setup was my own thought, but read more about this below. Here is My take on the some thing that iterates the movement in build up and final third SWK-s CD-d Libero - d or s IWBs/CWbs DM - s or d IWBs/CWBs RPM-s AP-a W-a/IF-a W-a/IF-a DLF-a The idea is having one extra creative outlet in the build up phase in the libero role. Him pushing in to midfield in possesion will Push the AP further up the pitch closer to the wing/IF, sort of like David Silva in City. Ofc the wide roles will differ as we adapt to opposition weaknesses. Maybe we need even more presence in midfield and one on ones with our pacy and creative Wingers. Maybe we need more direct players in the halfspace towards goal and therefore one CWB who overlap and provides width and another creative wide outlet. I think most of the roles is self explanatory, mainly due to the rather geeky debate going on in this thread. I could have opted for a BPD, but he doesnt move the way I want. And sort of drive in to midfield offering an outlet in a triangel with the inverted wingbacks, the DM and so on. As you can see and also I mentioned. The roles and mentality will differ, but the main blue print Will remain the same. In the end of the day, its not a plug&play so you have to adapt with regards your own players. The TI's and PI's are some thing I have not touched yet. Nor am I sure that I want to atm. Kind of afraid of the results that will come up, if someone decides to try it out haha. But as said, the blue print will remain the same throughout the testperiod. Creative, lots of forward runs, high dynamic intens pressing and ballcirculation to prevent the opponent from scoring but also for us to score.
  2. Hello everyone, As a big Bielsa fan I am about to start a new save dedicated to El Loco. I've got my tactical philosophy and template, and I am pretty sure I'm ready to launch it. Despite having that on the plate, and also defined which players I should buy and whom I should retrain into new positions, I still need a training template for the drills that will execute my offensive uncomprimising style. As training has been totally revamped I am in doubts how I should create a program suited for Bielsa esq football. Considered to research his real life training methodologies, but dont seem to find any specific. Have you any ideas for how I should set up 2-3 different weekly programs? Kind regards, hope someone will help!
  3. Interesting. I've thought about my self, having a DoF who lay the foundation for my team - Txiki Begiristain in City for example. Hows that working for you? Wanna know more about before I throw myself in, recklessly.
  4. So what is your favorite formation to play with and how does it influent your prefered way of playing? Always liked the 4141DM for possession control and the 352 ( Conte style) for a more balanced approach, especially when I am playing in Italy i find it effective. Not so much in England, where the 4141 for instance works better. Whats yours?
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