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  1. thanks guys...hope i'm not being thick but looked everywhere and not sure where said option can be found when starting a new career.
  2. Hi I cannot start a new game in England, that is i can only choose from teams in league two and below. It doesn't matter if I start in quick setup or advanced setup, i simply get the error "Man Utd cannot be selected. Please select another team.". I also don't have an option to apply for the Man Utd job when start unemployed. Nor can i select any Premier league team in the unemployed option when i try the add manager option. I've chosen England, Italy, Spain, German, Portugal, Argentina and Brazil as playable. I have tried to uninstall/reinstall from Steam and Control Panel, both didn't resolve the issue of not being able to select Man Utd. I have also ensured "all" has been selected under manageable teams. Any thing else i should be looking at? Thanks Lyzerge (aka Jide)
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