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  1. Another update and still no fix. You’re just taking the ****ing **** now.
  2. Why do you need a save file? I was told in December that this had been found and would be fixed. This is not a hard problem to replicate Its completely ridiculous not being able to renew the contracts for the best players
  3. "Hundreds of fixes and improvements" - Quote from the latest update. A comment in another thread in December stating that this was being looked at and would be fixed soon. Yet here we are and this still isn't fixed. The incompetence of the developers is staggering and what a way to treat your customers.
  4. Are you kidding? The maximum wage offered by a club has nothing to do with the fact that we can not even make an offer if it is £750k or more per week. In FM18 (and previous) we could still make an offer that could be accepted. With this bug there is no way to make an offer at all. This was reported a long time ago and one of the "QA Staff" said in December that they'd found the issue and were working on a fix. There's a been a few updates since then and this has not been fixed. I've not got absolutely zero faith that this will be fixed as you all seem to be just bungling along not knowing what you're doing.
  5. Another update and still no fix. The 'developers' should be ashamed. Pathetic.
  6. You're more worried about keeping issues in relevant threads than the fact that you released a broken game and 3 months later there's still lots of problems with it.
  7. Another update and nearly one month since "this issue is under review" and still no fix. I've also encountered an issue where every time I load a game the player roles are all reset. Just like in 2018
  8. If you can't find a player to do it with then edit a player to max him out, ensure he is open for a contract negotiation first. You'll see it.
  9. It happens at the very beginning of a game too. I'm amazed you can't replicate this!!
  10. What about the bug where if a player wants 750k per week I cannot make an offer. In last years we could offer a higher signing on fee.. Not this one though. Still not been fixed. This was noticed within minutes of playing the game. Lazy, miserly management of this release.
  11. I strongly disagree. I work with apps, software and websites. We have many procedures in place for checking our work. The volume of problems with this game and the number of people experiencing them tells me that this was not tested properly, not by a very long shot. What has happened here is that they have cut corners to save money and maximise profit. This sort of thing will never sit well with me.
  12. Another update and still many broken features not fixed. I'm done with this game now and won't be buying anymore. If the developers think it's ok to **** on their paying customers then they can **** off.
  13. These things should be ironed out and tested before launch - and charging people money when it's not ready.
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