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  1. Florian von Saltes u can change the date of debut of season for laliga from 26/8/2018 to 17/8/2018
  2. when i copied the file my game is stuck on loading screen any solution
  3. i founded in panels/game folders i copied to neub skin but its very transparent how fix it if you know
  4. a31632 u r selfish if i have the enhanced version i will post for all peopole for free
  5. hi khalev thx for ur work can u make scoreboard for neub skin like milla skin fm18
  6. i havent a paypal and im poor i havent less maoney thx for instructions
  7. i download today the updated version but i cant see scoreboard folder
  8. https://www.mediafire.com/file/1liiswtuf1d74ve/sidebar_menu_table.xml/file
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