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  1. how about actually being able to park 10 men behind the ball after going up by 1 or 2 and maintain a cleansheet or lead. as it is, the ultra defensive setting is completely useless because you are guaranteed to give up the lead. this is complete crap in this version. the ultra defensive setting has always been substandard but in this version it is especially shocking. lower level teams, i.e. bottom of the league, coughing up a lead is bad but against the top teams forget it. if i'm up by 2 at the half, i pretty much expect a draw or to lose. and i love the last 10 minutes because that's when it happens. i'm still not sure how many you need to be up by but i rarely achieve it. i am sooooo disappointed by this version of the game. SI you guys really blew this one. and here's the best part, you guys don't care what we say because you get paid for the bug ridden crap you put out anyway. so, in a nutshell, in future versions i'd actually like the defensive tactics to work like they are actually supposed to. that means, no stupid passes between 19+ composure and decision defence, especially in the final 5 minutes, actually holding onto the ball in the final 30 minutes (see Man U any game up by 1) to kill off a match, and when it does happen, actually being able to tell your team WHY you're angry.
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