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  1. Whitehawk Season 4 2022/2023 "Whitehawk had been expected to be relegation certainties heading into the season and although that was the case, they will be delighted to have finished with their heads above water." Squad | Competitions | Transfers | Finances After starting the season relatively well patch 19.2 dropped and all of a sudden my tactic was not working. I had been sitting very deep, inviting pressure, then unleashing long balls over the top to my 2 front men or quick wingers. The balls over the top stopped being as effective, and sitting so deep invited too many long shots that in my opinion do not accurately reflect the real technique and success rate of the players at this level. I had a very bad spell but managed to salvage enough points and have results elsewhere go my way on the final day to avoid the drop. Another bad year of cup performances. Could really use a good cup run to boost the coffers. The finances are starting to slide with the higher wage bill. Don't think it's as easy to make money with preseason friendlies either any more so that could be concerning too. Have told the squad we should avoid relegation next year. Really I'll be hoping for a mid table finish. Season League Position FA Cup FA Trophy ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2019/20 Vanarama South 16th 3rd Q Round 3rd Q Round 2020/21 Vanarama South 14th 4th Q Round 3rd Q Round 2021/22 Vanarama South 1st 4th Q Round 3rd Round 2022/23 Vanarama National 20th 4th Q Round 2nd Round
  2. I think this may be the case. Just did a preseason in VNS on FM17 and what had made me ~500k in FM19 made me 20k in FM17.
  3. Going to wait until the 19.3 update for FM19 and go back to FM17 in the meantime. No one is probably looking at this thread any more but figured I would give the challenge a go on my favourite version of FM while I wait for the final patch in March. Making it a bit easier for myself here and going with Kettering.
  4. Next game I played. Removed shoot less often PI from all my players. One of these long shots was also my winger cutting inside onto his reasonable foot. Last 5 games since the update, more than twice the amount of goals conceded from outside the box as inside. Will update as I play more.
  5. VNN. Opponent in white has 20 shots, 6 on target, 15 long. 0 clear or half chances. I had 11 shots, 4 on target, 2 long. 3 clear chances, 1 half. Game ended 2-2. Opponent scored 2 long shots, one screamer off a single step, one well hit along the ground. I scored an over the shoulder volley like Ronaldo did the other week against Man U. To see one of these in a VNN game would be impressive. To see 3 is a little unrealistic in my opinion, and to see at least 1 screamer every match is ridiculous. It would seem as ridiculous if they weren't being hit with such power, these players have 5 long shots and 7 technique. If I move my defensive line up to give these midfielders less space on the edge of my box I still cop stupid long balls over the top from their CBs. I feel like my only option now it to play a 4-5-1 or 3-5-2 to try and sit deep to protect myself from long balls but also have enough bodies in front of my area just to defend these long shots. No videos just screenshots of where the goals were scored from. Whitehawk v Boreham Wood.pkm
  6. Asserting something to be true without evidence to support said claim means we have to take you on faith. You may have your VNN side playing amazing tiki taka football, and Jesus may have been crucified to then rise from the dead. On the topic of FM19 though, the quality of life improvements and the improved tactical system for me make the game worth sticking with even though I'm not a huge fan of the match engine. The addition of a more detailed training system and changes to mentoring have also been interesting to work with. I didn't play FM18 because I thought the UI was slow, the base skins lacked polish imo, the switch to game day team talks requiring me to select assertive 3 times instead of once was imo a absolute rookie workflow mistake, and scouting was horrendously clunky. The amount of extra tedious clicking in FM18 over FM17 was atrocious. FM19 has done a lot to improve this. Then there is the random changing of regen skin tones, not sure if that was ever fixed...
  7. To be honest, having only played llm in FM19, I have thought the ME has been a good representation of the football. Lots of long balls over the top to quick strikers beating slow old CBs, easily countered by a much deeper defensive line. Most assists coming from the wings and set pieces from either a big lads head, or a big lads header down to a scuffle in the box. Not a lot of short passing, narrow tiki taka at this level which I think is fair. Didn't play 18 but in FM17 a 442 short passing diamond was deadly in llm. I couldn't get it to work this year but I put that down to not having a good enough creator nor fast enough strikers in my first season in the Vanarama South. The number of long shots seemed a little low, but since the patch I am seeing too many now. Yes there should be a few at this level, poor decisions and all, and yes some should go in, but it feels like I'm seeing 1 or 2 screamers a game at the moment. The only other thing I have noticed in the new ME is not as many goals from corners nor from far post wide freekicks. I could not defend the far post on wide free kicks at all previously.
  8. First season in the Vanarama National and players now hit volley and half volley screamers like it's nothing but still struggle to play a ball to a players feet.
  9. Whitehawk Season 3 2021/2022 "All of Whitehawk's dreams came true this season as they defied expectations suggesting that they would be relegation certainties and instead mounted an almost unbelievable title-winning campaign." Squad | Competitions | Transfers | Finances What a truly remarkable season. 11 points clear on top, and 11 goals fewer conceded than any other team, a rock solid defence was the back bone to our success. We managed a 25 run unbeaten steak in the league either side of our two losses, seems the winning formula at the tail end of last season held through for this one. Matt Drage was the top rated player following on from the previous seasons great performances. Kai Millington was the first choice right back. I played him mostly as a fullback on defend, and considering he was part of the best defence in the league I would have expected a better average rating but low ratings for my fullbacks seems to be a theme for me. I have high hopes for him though. Will be looking to utilise his offensive capabilities a little more next season. A major part of the great campaign were some very good transfers. A number of talented ex premier league youth prospects came aboard. We actually lost Dave Cox on a free which I wish I could have capitalised on. Dipo Akinyemi made a great target man next to Christian N'Guessan. He came to the club as a centre midfielder but thanks to something new I've decided to try this year, which is a moneyball like approach to weighting player attributes for particular positions, my spreadsheet showed that he was a very well rounded and talent advanced forward. He proved to do a very good job in the role and I particularly like his physicality. We moved on Dennis Cirkin from last season for a pittance, but a pittance is better than nothing so I'm fine with that. We faired a little better in the cups this year, eventually losing away 2-1 to Dulwich in the FA Cup 4th round qualifier, and losing to Dag & Red at home 0-1. Nothing remarkable finances wise. Expecting to take a hit when we have to upgrade our capacity for promotion though. Next season we will look to avoid the drop. Having looked at the wage budgets of the teams up there it may be a challenge but I do think with the football we're playing we can snatch enough wins to do the job. Season League Position FA Cup FA Trophy ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2019/20 Vanarama South 16th 3rd Q Round 3rd Q Round 2020/21 Vanarama South 14th 4th Q Round 3rd Q Round 2021/22 Vanarama South 1st 4th Q Round 3rd Round
  10. Whitehawk Season 2 2020/2021 "Few would have tipped Whitehawk to have been capable of avoiding relegation heading into the season but Whitehawk confounded every expectation by achieving a solid mid-table finish." Squad | Competitions | Transfers | Finances In what proved to be a rollarcoaster of a season, by the start of the new year my hope for a playoff position had completely dissipated. We had a promising start to the season, but hit a patch where we didn't win for 9 games, with a string of 7 losses in there. I complete rethink of my tactics saw me shift from a wide 433 to a 442. Two men leading the line proved to be the spark we need to find some form, as we put together some fine form, winning 6 of our next 7 games. Unfortunately Connor Tighe from last season followed through on his threats to leave the club at this point and departed Whitehawk from the chance to be a free agent. Not having enough left sided midfielders to fill his role, I transitioned to an asymmetric 4132. While we struggled with crosses from our left side, our tall centrebacks were for the most part able to deal with the aerial threats. Signing of the season was Billy Knott. After figuring out his best role, he proved to be a great distributor of the ball, playing some amazing through balls out to the wings initiating counter attacks. I picked up Tottenham product Dennis Cirkin on a free after he was released. He was highly rated by my scouts, and though he lacked the attributes I generally look for, determination, teamwork, and work rate, I gave him a chance but he didn't perform at all. Quite a disappointment. He now wants to leave and I don't think he will be missed. Again we put in some poor cup performances. Not much to say here than we should have done better. The finances are still in a good position. $150k was spent on improving the youth facilities but it was all for naught as the intake this year was terrible, not a single lad worth mentioning. Next season we will definitely be pushing for a play off position. Tactically the team is playing how I would like them. If we can sign a couple of strong players over the summer I think we have a fair chance. At all costs we must avoid a terrible run of form like we experienced this year. Season League Position FA Cup FA Trophy Achievements/Notes ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2019/20 Vanarama South 16th 3rd Q Round 3rd Q Round Defied Expectations 2020/21 Vanarama South 14th 4th Q Round 3rd Q Round Defied Expectations
  11. Interest in this mate. Love the detail. I've decided to have a crack at spreadsheet FM this year too. Keen to see if it can produce any results. Have you considered individually weighting each attribute as you see fit for each role in your tactic? This is the approach I'm starting with though struggling to determine a good weighting range. I'll definitely look to apply the harmonic mean to my calculations though, very good idea. I have a tab for each position in my formation. Sortable by each column, colour coded to make comparison of each player in that role easier, and also to spot major holes in their game. Orange attributes are team DNA, green important, blue minor. In this example looking at my BWM - D sheet, you can see that by attributes, Sam Cox on average seems a better player than Lee Noble, but his low aggression means he will just not do for the role. While that's easy to spot in game, when I'm trying to assess my youth, it saves me a lot of time. Have you found spreadsheets have helped your results, or do you find the time investment to give a marginal return? I've attached my spreadsheet if anyone wants to have a look. Just delete the squad list data and fill it with your own. Don't delete the rows, delete the actual content of the cells. Deleting the rows ruins the formula calculations on the other sheets. Then you just need to refresh the name filter on each sheet. It's in .ods format but should work fine on excel I think. I use libreoffice calc. FM Positions.ods
  12. So my captain is now unhappy because I didn't fine a player who didn't show to training. The thing is though, that player is on a non-contract. Second time I've had this happen now in 2 seasons. Should make the rest of the season a little more challenging..
  13. Very nice work. Do you find yourself tinkering with tactics much for different opposition and/or during games? I'd call myself an average FM player, but really stuggling for form this season. Think I've been sitting back a little too much though with the new line of engagement option, now I have a much more committed and hard working squad I'm going to experiment with a higher press.
  14. I think city population size mainly has an impact on max attendances you're able to get. I just check the starting attendances for all the 7th tier teams and South Shields do have the highest, much higher than all the other teams.
  15. Thanks. Possibly is it due to Brighton already having a PL level team and South Shields does not? I just had a look and for a city with a population of 50k - 100k there is no other team in South Shields. Guess that means when the supporters want to get to a game that's their only option. Something I didn't think about, I only considered total city population, possibly an oversight!
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