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  1. I see Bravery dropping occasionally after a player got a serious injury. Sometimes 2-3 pts at once. About Natural Fitness: i don't remember seeing it increase on players age 20+ and i only seeing decreases on players well over 30. Its a little anecdotal though.
  2. Still, if i set up a 'Extremely Wide' tactic and set my AML/R on 'Stay Wide', i would want these players to actually be as wide as possible, i.e. more or less hug the line for most phases. Pretty much unless the ball is on the other side of the pitch and the oppositions defense line moved towards that side, and a cross or quick pass and therefore a goal threat is imminent. Otherwise these options, checkboxes and whatnot are more decoration than an actual content, as they don't seem to matter.
  3. Afaik Sport Scientists reduce injury rates while Physios are reducing injury durations. Also i believe that other stats like DDM only matter to a Physio when they take over a different role like Coaching. However, if you check the Medical Staff screen you see two bars in the middle, showing the aggregate numbers for Sp. Science and Physio. Therefore i look for Sport science as secondary stat for Physios. I would actually even consider someone with 11 in each stat to be better than another one with 20 and 1.
  4. Yep, i used 'Get Forward' for both wingers. I also considered abusing the 'Hug Line' Trait, but haven't tried yet. It's a bit cheesy but i can guess one gets desperate ...
  5. Tried the ML/R on Support and it kinda helped quite a bit regarding width in the final third: Thats a good width from the wingers, even though i would like them to be a bit more ahead (esp. Sane) and on line with my striker. Setting the winger to ML/R support had some drawbacks in other phases though, b/c the ML/R position themselves a lot lower when my team is not in position. Once i gain possession and get into transition, they are often so far behind that my team can't use them for quick counters. For example (Sane behind the ball going to Gündogan): Or another ex
  6. That looks alright. Gonna try that out then. No. 11 is set as ML i guess? And do you mind posting your team tactics? I am still not 100% convinced looking at the pic a 2nd time. Like i said, ML/R make a difference in transition, b/c they arrive in the box later. Your 2nd pic seems to be a transition with No. 7 dribbling into the final third and the ML/R currently doing the run from a deep wide position to inside the box ... seeing how their heads are pointed (towards goal, i.e. their running direction). But i will try it out regardless
  7. Pretty much default: Sane as Winger - Attack and B. Silva as Inverted Winger with just 'Stay Wide'. Resulting in pretty much the same positional movements for both. I even tried 'Roam from Positions' on both in 2nd half, but didn't make a noticeable difference. And otherwise same tactics as above, i.e. mostly 'Positive' mentality.
  8. I tried that and it didn't change the default positioning in the attacking line for me. Once my team established themselves in the final third (like in my above pic) the ML/R will stand in the same spot than my AML/R did. He just arrives there later. That can make a difference in the transition phase for example, b/c the ML/R start from a lower position. Lets say in a certain phase of play while my team is moving up the pitch, my AML would be 5 meters (sideways) inside the box and 15 meters from the goalline, but the same player set as ML would be 5 meters (sideways) outside the box and 25 met
  9. This is actually my main issue when trying to recreate Guardiolas tactics. Since his final season at Bayern, Guardiola likes to use natural wingers (i.e. left footed winger on left side and vice versa) in very wide positions during all phases, so that they are either almost always free enough to be an outlet for a pass or stretch the defensive line (if opponents fullbacks come to mark them), thus creating space for central players and inverted wingbacks that can do underlapping runs. Also with the added protection from counter attacks by the narrow positioned wingbacks. He strayed a bit from t
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