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  1. World Cup Betting Thread

    Used a free bet from Bluesquare for £11. Was going to go for Ivory Coast but realised Sven is managing them, so went with Holland. Will probably do a cheeky lay if they get through the group...
  2. Liverpool FC 2008/09

    Does anyone here know the likely prices for preseason games at anfield next season? Thinking about coming to see Liverpool play for the first time, but i'm a student and therefore cheap
  3. Kunkel loos very good:) And I think Pedro was nrought by Mikel, not me
  4. Hes the best left winger in the squad so more like 9 million I would say
  5. I know that when I did it, I had nothing else to do so spent a whole week playing FM. However it will be the only time I do it as I am off to uni soon
  6. Think your scouts were lying:p He would have never made the first team:rolleyes: I now have two players named after me then:p
  7. Sorry for posting the updates too big Good signings, but I think some of the people such as Remon, Kysela and Felipe could have got very good in the future.
  8. May Games part 2 Final League table: Brief Season overview. In the league we finished 4th again, with the same amount of points, although we scored one less and conceded six more. In the FA Cup and League cup, we went a round further than we did last season, while we were impressive in the champions League, and only an injury time goal stopped us from appearing in the final. The squad has improved but it will still take some major signings to win the league. Our place in next season champions league was only confirmed when Arsenal beat Newcastle in the champions league final. Save game: http://files.filefront.com/SouthernSoftiesfm/;11769639;/fileinfo.html I will do a squad overview and end of season review on Monday, so whoever is next might want to wait for that:)
  9. The good news is that I have now finished the season The bad news is I am going away for the weekend, so will be unable to do a proper season update, but will upload the save game May Games part 1 League table with one week remaining:
  10. March Games League table at end of March: Random Stuff: Holland just beat Croatia 10-0 I believe Sean law is the first Legends player to win an England cap whilst with the club
  11. Thats why hes only a backup:p And he hasn't been injured yet, although he will now probably get injured in the next game