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  1. Is it possible to edit (in the pregame editor) the Coach licence level for a member of the staff? example....change it from level B to A, A to Pro, etc...
  2. Is it possible to edit the coach licence (Pro, level A, B,ect...) for each member of the staff in the editor?
  3. Hi All, Juventus has a reserve team called correctly Juventus U23, but the "team type" in the editor is set to "B Team".....if I change it to U23 Team, does this affect anything in the game (different rules,etc...) or just the name diplayed on the left menu?
  4. Sorry for this other bump, but my questions is related to this thread.....could anyone confirm that Juventus ownership type should be PLC and not LLC? I think it should, but in the editor is set to LLC as default...
  5. Ok, I have ran some test...and it seems you were right. 115m per week is the maximum i can offer to any player i want to buy (probably this limit is applied only to the player i want to buy and not to the current ones in the team, exemple ronaldo)
  6. At first, thank you for your replies... English is not my first language, threfore i apologise for any mistake. if wage=salary, it seems too low for a team like juventus and for the players this team has (for example CR7).... I suppose 115.999€ is per week (even if it doesn't change when i select montly or annual), it less than what Ronaldo gets (1.102.884 € per week!!!)
  7. Hi All, I'm playing a bit with the editor, but i can't really understand the following 2 options in the general tab: Maximum Wage allowed: for example, the value set for juventus is 115.999€...what does it means exactly? I don't think is the maximum wage i can offer to a player??? Remaining Player Wage budget (per Year): not sure what it is...some teams have it and others not ------ Other Income tab: Is there any guide that explain clearly what each income type means and the differences? It would be also interesting to know WHEN this income can appear and/or be offered to a team in a standard game (so without adding them using the editor) (for example, how can i get money for having a club membership/youth team/training ground/etc...)?
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