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  1. Perhaps the defend setting doesn't come to low creativity? If you set it to six support, max will come out.(check the creativity in familiarity) I recommend it. Personally, I have organized one play-maker for every three supporters(so 2 play-maker + 6 supporter + 2 attacker system) In addition to the attributes and preferred moves in position to fit. (It's really hard work.) Always, but instructions are just instructions and players don't follow instructions. So the cause analysis is difficult (tactical problem or player movement problem). The problem is that too much random playing like a noise if you don't limit your player to preferred play. You can handle and fix those things. And then you can see below highlights. Full length game playing scene ** The point is that the tactical instructions are free and flexible, but the movement is limited for dribbling(or passing) in the wrong direction. then that leaves a pretty useful and creative movement pattern. P.S Frankly, the trophy is not the goal of mine. I just want to see a football of some great tactician . So I'm sorry I can't help much.
  2. Game Cinematic(?) Clip Dear Developer Pls. let the midfielder make more passes.(The shooting is coming out so fast.) 19.1.4/ 19.1.5 was great.(If you only modify the tackle motion) Why do more and more strangely changing? It is very hard to change the setting every time the patch is changed. Pls..............help!!!
  3. I think that tested the Counter-attack at 19.1 and the Elaborate-attack at 19.5. As the version went up, people cheered at first(19.1), then turned into despair(19.5). It took me a couple of nights to solve it, but it was fun. Game simulator is pretty good. The developers seem to have made great work!! Well I hope not changed (except reduce midfielder shoot coming out too early). p.s Check the blog. (If you have a similar problem, you might be able to solve it.)
  4. It's probably one of the easiest ways to utilize tactic. If you want to see "La Salida Lavolpiana", you need a proper P.M. for the right player. like a Skill in RPG thanks you so much. :-)
  5. 0128.mp4 You must design build up(path routines of back 4)of your team. This is the beginning of a Elaborate Attack(different from Counter Attack). Without this, especially when you face a team that doesn't attack at all, you will not score. Several key Preferred Move by position should be prepared. 1. CB(one of the two) Stops play(Aligns our team player location and overload occurs because the opponents team approaches. Overload is a very important concept for soccer tactic) Come deep to get ball(It becomes easier to exchange passes. at least 3 player of the 4 back) Plays no through balls(Rally the ball to a safer area than a dangerous area. at least 2 player of the 4 back ) Play short simple passes(Reduce the percentage of dangerous passes.) 2. CB(the other)/ FB(one of the two) Come deep to get ball, Plays no through balls, Play short simple passes 3. FB(the other) The Killer balls often(Actively supplying to midfielders or strikers. It is more important than you think. because If they fail to supply to midfielders, they lose their ball possession. I recommend the opposite direction of the Stop plays area. This is also true for Transitions in the midfield. Dictate tempo(You can get time to move to where your player can get the ball.) #1 Dribbler setting Mentioned above 1.2. Runs with ball rarely 3. Runs with ball often(There must be an option to get rid of high pressing team.) #2 Situation If the above preferred move by position is prepared and if necessary, "Playing out from the back" or "La Salida Lavolpiana"(Defensive midfielder must have "Come deep to get ball") Usually, delivered to the defensive midfielder, but It is seen in matches with a strong press team. if you do not set "Playing out from the back", you will not be able to score. Try it~ Good luck P.S Tactical settings are easy if the movement follows. https://madforfm.blogspot.com
  6. Personally, It seems that version(19.1.5) was the best movement production.(Except tackle motion.) In version 19.2.1, the mid-range shooter came out too early, making it difficult to pass further. financial simulation is good, but sports movement simulation is better than I thought. Especially if you are interested in football tactics Neymar!!! messi!!!!! Also, Messi!! that's enough!! Why do you keep changing? It's good enough now. I want more additional Preferred Move. Pls. FB OverRap01.mp4 P.S my work in my blog
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