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  1. I agree 100%. Yes sometimes your tactical changes in game can be crucial, but at the end of the day your tactics is good as your players are.There's a reason why FM tactical testers test their tactics with a very good team first.Although i would say that this was maybe possible in previous FM versions like fm12 and fm10 when game was easier than modern FM versions.
  2. Even if a player is considered either footed he still has a prefered foot.For example player like Toni Kroos is considered either footed but he still takes his corners and most of his shoots with his right foot because he's right footed.
  3. Fast and intelligent central defenders with high work rate are pretty effective against hoof balls. But they are a bit expensive :/
  4. Right now they have Arne Maier, one of the most promising German midfielders.Maximilian Mittelstadt is a very promising full back in real life. Jordan Torunarigha was a very promising player, doesn't play that much these days, still young . Lazar Samardzic very talented player, captain of u19 German National team. Now in past 20 years : Boateng brothers, Nico Schulz, Brooks,Max Phillip. Not much, but still they do have good youth set up.
  5. For last 5 years i have done so many youth challenge saves, and from my experience you should get some talents at this point with that kinda level of youth set up in country like Germany, it can't be awful RNG. In previous versions i would get at least 5 or 6 talented players in that time, with that kinda of club. I manage in Germany, France and other smaller countries like Russia and Serbia every single year. Something is off, at least for this club. On the other hand it could be that SI decided to tweak youth recruitment. Anyways, i will keep playing the save and see what happens. If i don't get at least a semi decent talent in my club for 5, 6,7 years than what would be the issue? Again small sample size?
  6. I know that very well. I mention that because youth facilities improves CA ability of your incoming youngsters. After 4 years my kids are all trash. Could be really bad luck. Anyways if you have TOP youth recruitment in GERMANY with a club that has very good reputation ( in my Save Hertha has 4 stars) you should get fantastic youngsters.Hertha Berlin from the gecko has best possible youth recruitment and youth coaching.
  7. I'm also managing Hertha Berlin , 4th season i had 0 talented players. I had to terminate 90% of the players because they just have awful attributes with little to no potential.Won a cup, Bundesliga, increased club reptutation, top notch facilities, youth recruitment, junior coaching. Something feels off, because in previous FM's i would have at least one talented player per year, this version i had 0 in 4 years. It doesn't feel right.
  8. Good luck. First season is always a struggle but Newcastle isn't poor and when you buy proper players it will all flow
  9. Tricky thing is that you are playing Shelvey on support duty and that can leave your defence exposed if you lose the ball. Shelvey doesn't have work rate ,acceleration and pace to come back and help. On the right flank you have Hayden but he's on defensive duty and won't really help much Yedlin in attack phase. There's two solutions imo. First one is to switch Shelvey do DLP(D) and Hayden to Carillero.You can still tell Shelvey to play more direct and expansive, but he will sit in the hole, won't venture too far away from his position and will provide a bit more stability to back 4. Hayden can play as a carillero, he will stay a bit wide compared to usual midfielder and will provide cover and support for Yedlin.ON the left you can give Longstaff a bit more adventuros role like Mez(S) or even Mez (A). He will press high, attack the box, but also be a passing option for Maximin and Jetro. Second one: Play Hayden in defensive mid slot as a Def Mid (D) or even Anchor Man. Shelvey on the left as DLP (S) and Longstaff as Mez(S) or cm(A) on the right side. This option is imo the better one because you have a proper defensive midfielder protecting the back 4, Shelvey will be more attacking and play more expansive game which suits him better and Longstaff will still try to attack the box , provide support and press high. No matter what roles you pick, expect that you will concede quite a few goals from your left side because you are playing Jetro+Maximin. But also you can expect some assists from Jetro too if you insist on playing attacking football with abudget players
  10. I would go 4-1-4-1. My idea is to make two versions, one vs. top teams and away from home and one where NUFC is favorite. NUFC favorite ------------------Dubravka SK(s)------------- -Kraft WB(S)--Schar BPD(D)--Lascelles CD(D)-- Dummett FB(S)- ----------------- Hayden DM(D)--------------- -Almiron WM(s)--Longstaff Mez(A)--Shelvey DLP(S)--Saint-Maximin IW(S/A)- ------------------- Joelinton TM(s)---------------------------- Player Instructions: Joel(tackle harder), Almiron(Stay narrow, cut inside, tackle harder) , in some games i would tell Kraft to and Dummett to (dribble less). I think Yedlin could be decent vs some weaker teams with Almiron acting like a defensive wide playmaker, helping him in defence but also passing him(Yedlin) the ball into space. Mentality:Positive and Attacking. Teams instructions :Play out of defence, Pass into space, Work into Box (sometimes), Counter, Counter-Press, Distribute to CB. NUFC Underdog Same roles and duties. Mentality: Balanced and Positive Teams Instructions: Counter, Regroup ( Most of the times), Pass into space (if you see that opposition leaves a lot of space behind), Work into Box (sometimes), Hit Early Crosses(sometimes, can be quite deadly if opposition leaves a lot of space or if they play with wing back formations). Shouts like Play of defence, Counter-Press are very risky vs. good teams because your defenders and midfielders don't have great composure, decisions, first touch. Jetro Williems is very interesting player. Fantastic attacking set of attributes but quite poor defensively. He can be valuable and If you want to use him i would suggest moving Almiron or even Ritchie to the Left side tell them to play WM(s) with cut inside, play more risky passes so they play like a Wide playmaker but with more defensive responsibility.Saint-Maximin would play on the right side as a winger or inverted winger and In that case i would also play a more defensive role for RB.Reason for moving Almiron to the left is that he has some work rate and positioning, even tho he isn't elite defender he would still help Jetro, Ritchie could be even better for that job. I think your idea is decent, but it's very risky to play Williems on the left since he's very poor defender with a attacking mentality (WB is a very adventurous role) with no help at all. Maximin has awful work rate, positoning and in your tactic he has very attacking duty, so he will never help/can't help Williems and I can tell already that you are going to concede quite a few goals from your left side.Yedlin is also very bad defender with attacking role. I feel this kinda tactic would work only if you have a top team and Newcastle with this roster isn't.
  11. well, if you look for FM only, mouse that costs 5e will be good enough But if you look for something special and for other games i would recommend logitech mx518 legendary , super confy, quality, fits me perfectly.
  12. Yeah of course, i was just curious was it maybe chairman investments or something else since my knowledge of most championship sides is fairly limited. I didn't know that Pride Park Stadium was sold for example for 80m pounds wow! It's also very nice to learn a bit more about the club from supporters and club researchers. Thanks for the response.
  13. You need to put match preview training session before the game in your training schedule. Also check if you ordered Ass Man to handle them.
  14. First of all, youth coaching and youth recruitment don't have any relation with your u19 coaching team. Only thing that youth coaching does is improves current ability of your yearly youth incomers. Higher Youth recruitment level increases chances of getting a super talented kid. Only way to improve junior coaching level is to ask board to invest more money into that. Make Board request>Finance>Increase Junior Coaching Budget. Now from my experience, junior coaching or youth recruitment should never drop unless (maybe?) your team is struggling financially and board decided to stop investing into that. But in your case it seems like a bug? Anyways, ask board to invest cash into jun. coaching and it should improve. It can only go up one level per season, so expect like 4 years before it reaches excellent level.
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