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  1. of course it's not realistic but sadly it's a "feature" in that FM. I remmeber that i saw very good players retiring as 25 or even lower.
  2. i did this one for a while, it can work, but if schedule is tough it's not worth, because penalty on fatigue is huge and players do really need that extra rest sessions sometimes. Training is intensive when you put physical sessions in a day. Personally i try to minimize physical sessions if my team plays two games during the week, they get rested, injury risk is lower and also they can work on technical/mental side of the game more.
  3. I think this more of a tactical creator bug. In game It shouldn't affect.
  4. yep i did that even before posting, this is probably a bug since ass man always use same sessions (overall, overall, rest). and only changes schedule for one day
  5. IF anyone know please respond, myself i organize training for every day and im getting annoyed because my ass man for some reason decides to change my schedule. https://gyazo.com/0c668ba30e4d2c5ca6f55c30556d1fb0
  6. i have got the same issue, hopefully we will get that delete button in the game soon.
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