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  1. Thanks very much for all your help. I've played a number of games and and performed really well. Dropped some points here or there but that's expected just as in real life. I'm now trying to learn how to make adjustments during the match based on what I'm seeing. I'm really enjoying using the 2D view to get a better idea of what is going on.
  2. Apologies, I didn't mean replicating the exact tactic above, I meant the process you went through to create it based on the attributes, PPMs, and style of play. I know this will be a long process of learning what PPMs are good for what role as well as what Roles have one affect on how the system functions just trying to gain that insight from understanding how one tactic was created so I could possibly apply some of what I learn in other places. I've attached a large chunk of the rest of the team as well as the specific profiles you requested.
  3. Thank you so much! So when it comes to deciding if someone is good at a role is it safe to just go by what the game is highlighting? Belotti is currently my best Striker but I feel I need to spend some money there since it's just him and Mariano. Lastly, is it better to make the formations and decide what roles work best and then fit players into those spots? I don't think I would have understood that I needed a mezalla or raumdeuter without your help and wasn't sure about having more than one playmaker. I'm trying to understand how if given a completely new team I could replicate (well kinda hehe) what you did. I understand not leaving a side exposed with too many attack roles but when it comes to the non generic roles like mez rmd dlp etc I don't understand the nuance enough to know what good or bad they can do in my system.
  4. Awesome! I added Isco and Bale too since they are normally slotted into the IF roles depending on fitness/injuries. I'm very excited to hear the explanations. I'm really enjoying the game and trying to learn as much as I can so I can apply it to this save and others! Thank you for all your help.
  5. Correct. removed everything else and played ONLY the team instructions you gave me with the roles in the original screenshot I posted here:
  6. Sorry I wasn't clear. This was PAST matches without the changes you supplied. The Athleti game is a good test because I changed nothing outside of your recommendations. In this game it was an example of Asensio making the key passes and even casemiro making some but Modric played 70 minutes and had no key passes. Asensio had 2 goals and 2 assists and therefore was involved in every goal. His 2 goals came through assists from the striker and didn't seem to involve modric at all. Ceballos (the other mid) is getting involved more than modric it seems and so is Casemiro. Varane (my BPD) gave up the 2nd most interceptions behind Ceballos and due to having Marcelo and Carvajal on the WB the interception rate out wide was very limited. Modric did have the most completed passes and the least amount of intercepted passes however...
  7. Thanks! This worked for the most part and allowed me to beat Athletico 4-0 which was an amazing result. There were still some flaws but they were made up for with individual performances. I'm trying to learn how to analyze my previous matches to see how the system is playing, where mistakes are being made, and how attack (or lack there of) is forming. Here is what I have so far: 1. Modric/Kroos as DLPs are not generating very many key passes at all 2. Odriazola/Centelles as WB/CWB lose the ball A LOT in my half 3. Casemiro misplaces a lot of passes from inside/around my penalty area 4. Asensio as IF-S is generating a larger amount of key passes then I would have thought (when he's on the field he accounts for 80% of my offense) 5. My striker tends to be farther back then I'd like and doesn't generate many chances. 6. My BPD also tends to generate interceptions. I've attached some of the key players I feel aren't "working" like I want them to.
  8. My reasoning was to avoid conceding on the break to fast attackers while trying to allow space for the counter if I notice they are pressing high up the pitch. In my tactic I use against weaker teams I run a higher defensive line and tend to use counter press. This generates lots of pressure and opportunities on those teams but has left me vulnerable against strong opposition.
  9. Wanted to follow up and say while my high-pressure tactic works well my more conservative version seems to struggle. I need something to use against powerful counter-attacking teams who pressure me back so looking for some advice.
  10. Hey all, I'm new to the game and trying to learn about tactics and one thing I haven't figured out is how to understand how well or poorly a tactic is working outside of the score, shots and possession. There is a TON of data available but I feel like I'm ill-equipped to look at it and make sense of what it means about my tactic and how I can counter the issues I see or dare I say exploit holes in the opposition. Are there any videos/guides available that talk about match analysis that I can learn from? Thanks
  11. Here are my current competitions and my safer tactic for tough teams as well as my recent results.
  12. COMPLETELY AGREE. If it wasn't for ceballos and asensio I would have been done for long ago. I took the setup above and coupled it with a possession based slow build up for the tougher games and so far it has netted me amazing success. Will post some screenshots later but I'm now up to 1st in LaLiga as well as in the finals for the cup and in the quarters for the UCL. I'm starting to work on the squad issues and have picked up Mustafi in the back and grabbed Palacios from River just like RM did in RL. Believe it or not but Benzema is awful for me and I'll be moving him out in the summer if I can. Mariano has been amazing and is up there with Suarez and Rodrigo for most goals in LaLiga. Going to try and grab another AF/PF in the summer.
  13. I realized I forgot to comment on this. It is a hard game but rewarding! LOL at Lopetegui, sadly that wasn't hard After switching things up here is my recent results:
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