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  1. HKunited

    Quickness Training

    Yes I certainly can, sometimes the player isn’t even doing strength training and the complain about excessive strength training. I ll send you the save file in a few days if that’s alright. Currently out of the city and I don’t have my laptop on me. Thanks for your response I ll definitely get back to you.
  2. No matter how I want train or if the ass man trains the players, they all just seem to want quickness. I would like to work on their weaknesses etc but they always end up wanting quickness.
  3. HKunited

    [FM19 Touch] Worldwide Journeyman

    I recently started playing FM, been going over stories and careers in the forum. I find the journeyman really intriguing. Quick question though (as I am a newbie), how do I go about starting a journeyman in touch? I see a lot of articles for the full version but non for touch. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks