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    Been watching football for the last 12 years, and playing fifa for that amount of time. Then i came across this game and i realized i dont know much about the sport itself. and now i love this game!

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  1. Yeah I am thinking of going with a winger on support on the right, and an advanced forward up front rather than a complete forward.
  2. Last season was really weird. Because of World Cup being held in December I had no preseason. So the schedule was like 3 games a week. Champions league group was Barca juventus and ol lyons. And this is the season both my strikers decided to stop scoring. 1 goal in 17 games and 3 goals in 18 games. The reason I figured was that teams were set up too defensively against me. So there was no penetration. I changed my tactics for the season. CF(a) Dlf(s) if(s). Ap(a) Bbm (s). Dlp (s) wb(d). Bpd(d). Cd(d). Wb(d) barely any instructions used. Standard tempo and passing with more creativity. No counter pressing but counter attacking. Standard pressing also. Won the carabao cup/Uefa super cup with this tactic. While attacking it looks like a lopsided 4-3-3. But for the upcoming season I have a trequartista coming in. So I am thinking of dropping the dlf to a treq and keeping all else constant. Thoughts?
  3. Hahhaha I am not complaining now. I am glad I misunderstood because now I know how to do some tactics 😂 Hmmmm what you’re suggesting does make sense. As my wb on the left side is on support he does leave a lot of space behind which a Carrilero will occupy. I ll try to ease these roles in and see the effect on my gameplay. Cheers!
  4. I don’t know something about air quotes around the formula threw me off. Felt like I was approaching this game with the wrong attitude because I didn’t learn much when I made that tactic. But i think I learnt a lot about football while making this tactic! I hope this tactic has the right balance, and if I am missing something or have some basics wrong do let me know! I live in Pakistan and there are barely any players who play FM, so this forum is my source of talking tactics 😂
  5. After your last comment @Experienced Defender, I am not gonna lie I was a little flustered. But then i got to thinking about the purpose of playing this game. The purpose was to have fun while managing a team, tactically, financially, in the transfer market. Not finding the right "Formula". So i went back to the drawing board during that last season, read up on a lot of blogs, understood the kind of football i want to play. The football i wanted to play was a good passing football, where the balls move across the half spaces. maybe switching laterally from one wing to another. I also wanted unpredictability in the final third. I also dug deep to understand the roles I want to set and what I want those roles and players to do. So, the following is my new tactic. (will post screenshots once i am at home). I Hope now I have found the right "tactic" instead of the right "formula". CF(s) IF(A) W(S) BBM(S) MEZ(A) BWM(D) WB(S) BPD(D) CD(D) FB(D) Instructions: - Lower Tempo - I want players to make the right pass, as on higher tempo I was making mistakes which lead to disastrous counterattacking. Also, passing is standard, as I want a combination of both short/direct. (Against bigger teams i go more direct) - Work Ball into box - this is the only other instruction i have. This leads to me playing in the other teams half around the Box. Which is a dangerous area to control. (Against bigger teams i do early crosses to release my CF, IF) Counter Press, Distribute to Flanks. Standard defensive line and LOE - this helps me to attack the other team in the middle of the pitch. it also means less goals as my wb, fb werent fast enough to defend for a higher press. Urgent Pressing, Offside Trap. My roles: FB(D) - This full back is still young, so having him on support was always disastrous. this way this full back stays in position and doesnt run up the field too much. also allows for balance as the other WB is on support so is out position alot of the times. CD - DE - This player is the heart of my defence, rarely caught out of possition BPD - De- This player knows how to dribble and assists in making plays from the back. But with defend duty doesnt venture out of position too much. WB Su - this player is quick, likes to attack, and is in his prime so is able to defend well higher up the pitch. (on bigger games he is on DE) BWM (D) I opted for BWM out of all options because this role assists in my game play. This player attacks the opposition, pesters them into giving the ball, and as soon as he has the possession, transfers the play into a more creative player. He also holds position so I almost always have 4 players behind the ball. As I am leicester, a lot of teams come to us to win, so this player helps in breaking their momentum. Mezz(A) - I understand that this player is a half winger. So him pairing with my IF would make more sense as they could switch. But i have him on the right side because my Winger as the trait cuts inside with the ball. This makes for a very interesting play, as some times my Winger would be higher up his flank, and the Mezz would be in the middle connecting the play, and other times they would switch. This makes my team unpredictable in attack I believe and adds another layer when attacking the box. BBM (S) - this player does all, arrives late in the box to score 14 goals last season, links play between the MEzz and the IF and helps the BBM in defense as well. IF(A) - this player is my hazard, with 15 goals last season. and the rotation player with 7 goals. he is available inside the box for crosses, likes to cut inside the box and is an amazing dribbler. this player has single handedly won me matches by being the POM. CF(s) - I know its advisable to go for DLF (s) in this kind of set up, but I liked the instructions of CF more. This player wasnt a top scorer in the team, but was always reliable. I think the three players fighting for this role had a total of 27 goals last season, So i think this role works well in the team. Using this formation and tactic, I took Leicester City into Uefa Champions League by finishing third. It was a season full of surprises, loosing to Liverpool 3-0 in the first game and drawing to New Castle, i thought another season of midtable mediocrity awaits me. but then the team started playing well, coming back from 2-0 down, beating united and arsenal 3-0 and 4-1 respectively. drawing and beating chelsea. The only two teams I cant cope with in any way are liverpool and Man city. Going to start the next season soon, should be exciting. I think i should stick with the above tactic as it has worked well last season, or would it make my predictable?
  6. I really can’t explain this, but for some reason this tactic is working very very well. Changing from reg to bwm and ap to mezz made a lot of difference. Lb on auto has gotten 5 assists in the last 4 games. And diatta and my striker have started scoring. Removing all those instructions helped too.
  7. His off the ball is 17 and his acc 15 pace 15 hmmm... would a dlp in dm with a mezzA be a better combo? For big games I do anchorman and dlpSU and Btb stays the same with lb also on def duty.
  8. Well I tried dlf, af, pressing and cf. right now it’s cf. the Ss is below for reference. My striker isn’t tall so I have low crosses as instruction.
  9. My concern is that my striker is pretty much useless. In some games he has zero shots. Which is why it was frustrating. I understand the run in of games I got was pretty tough. But if my striker fought in these games with a couple of shots I’d be happy. I think that is a little cause for concern.
  10. Yeah haha I made some tactical tweaks against man city and it was a pretty even game. But the real test is next month 😂 i think a season or two more and we would be quite competitive
  11. Yeah I think i see what youre saying, this is more of a marathon than a sprint. I just get baffled with some of the success of FM players on this forum (back to back promotions, Winning leagues straight off the bat), and try to understand what I could do to replicate such feats. Lets hope so.
  12. So I got sacked using that other tactic I posted, but I created a new manager and forced my self in Leicester lol. what I didn’t force on them is my sack worthy tactic. I fiddled around with the duties and pre sets and found this tactic. I had a few issues in the beginning, but changing mezalla to ap and changing dlf to af made some difference. Yet I am loosing to bigger teams. How would I go about negating their threat? What tweaks does one make against a bigger team?
  13. I’ll hopefully get a few games in today and update the progress here. Thanks for all the help. It’s the people In this forum like yourself who make this game even more fun to play
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