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  1. but other clubs had players mines had nobody not even grayed out players
  2. thanks bro but already found out what the problem was ... there was no assistant manager at the club
  3. I loaded the big 5 leagues as playable and the remaining as view only and players from top clubs for each continent. Will regens/newgens be generated for viewonly nations ?
  4. I started with Wythenshawe reason being they are the place where Marcus Rashford was born. Tbh in the division where I started which is in Tier 10 there is actually some clubs, not all where they have some players added to their team. In fact my club was one of few where there wasnt a single player added and out media prediction was bottom. All I did cause it would have been impossible is unticked DO NOT ADD KEY STAFF cause I wanted an assistant manager.
  5. haha i love the fact i find a complete blank squad than have to fill it and if its the worst team in the division with the lowest rating and last media prediction i will like it more
  6. yeah just ticked the option where it added the staff automatically coz when i first loaded it it was difficult to get an assistant manager
  7. @lionel messi screenshot from previous post https://gyazo.com/1eb61b83ee238b8c49b5d6bec9e4af1d NOTHING LAD ITS BECAUSE I DIDNT HAVE AN ASSISTANT MANAGER
  8. Thanks lad for your hard work small thing i started with a tier 10 club and when i click on the player search to get players since the club has no players when i tick realistic transfers for a reason its still showing the big boys like messi neymar mbappe etc .... any ideas @lionel messi
  9. brilliant @lionel messi and it will contain 24 teams in league 1 after 1st season ?
  10. Yes even I m looking forward for the new update any ideas lads when its out please Thanks Messi for your work
  11. Thanks Lad..... Really appreciate the help. I also like the fact how detailed this database is coz the one by the FM EDITOR which most people uses still has 23 teams in league 1 which for me I don't find it realistically.
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