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    Son, Father, Grandfather and Grand Grandfather

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    Playing FM just since 2015 and I like it. I don´t need quick reflexes to play it :D


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    Family, Swimming and FM

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    Liverpool FC

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  1. City buying defenders like Freaks … game is so freaking stuptid- https://picload.org/view/dcicowgi/unbenannt.png.html
  2. Dude like wtf.. This Team is soo freaking OP, I guess almost everyone will be able to do the same Thing but thos Teams are boring as hell. Seems like you played 3 real attackers is this correct?
  3. You should just do a club overview like the one of Flut Skin
  4. I wished it had a better club overview other that great skin
  5. Name Change is easy with the in-game editor
  6. Great work! Every pic has a great quality.
  7. playing without face packs? wow you are hardcore ^^
  8. Brexit is the worst and very unrealistic- no one knows how and if ever this will affect the english leagues. download the mod no brexit for the future saves.
  9. But like this one Right? https://youtu.be/Gpls31Q0sqY
  10. On the club overview Panel will there be a Stadium and City visible?
  11. club overview Panel looks horrible. Why o why are most of the Skins horrible at that? You should add player Pictures into the tactic screen and you should use a club overview Panel simular to flut.
  12. the club overviews looks horrible . no cities?
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