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  1. Need more info. How good are your CBs? Is their concentration low? Does their marking suck and theyre letting long balls over the top connect? What goals are you conceding? Crosses? build up play? long shots?
  2. Just a few tips I have been trying to create a tiki taka style and if you have pass into space ticked it completely breaks the tactic. Also using more expression means players more prone to making runs with the ball doing it more often which again isnt great for a possession style.
  3. Are you sure you've played the Public Beta patch? Its so much better.
  4. Dude its one goal you can't extrapolate that. You're telling me CBs can't score worldies? Go look at Maguires goal in the FA cup.
  5. Your roles are not allowing anyone to make forward runs, apart from when your DLF occasionally does it. You have 2 DLP in the center of midfield who are both performing the same role, they will just pass the ball around and make slightly more risky passes. You have another playmaker who will be slightly higher up the field but will generally not penetrate the box. Both your IF's are set to support so they're likely not going to penetrate the box very often to make a run past the defensive line and will instead look to cut inside and hit a pass to a striker, in your case a DLF who i
  6. It sounds like you're just describing marking... You can set tight marking in TI and individual PI's and then in opposition instructions you can tightly mark and press specific opponents.
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