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  1. Hi John, Unfortunately we played on as we found that retiring as a manager and then re-adding them to the club fixed the problem. Obviously not ideal though. I have still uploaded the save file, the name is 'Le Viva Espana - Chrisabian'! Thank you.
  2. Weird one this. My two friends connected to my game have unread messages in their inbox - but they cannot view them. They've both checked the filters box - unchecked them all and re-checked them - but no new messages appear. The messages in the inbox say 7th Nov, but as you can see, we're up to the 27th now. When they disconnected, I connected as their teams - and was able to read them all.
  3. Match Cohesion, it's annoying me now.I can't get it to rise. It's been on poor all season for Parma, I did 10 days worth of Teamwork and Match Practice training during the winter international break which is supposed to 'greatly increase' it but I had no movement at all. Everyone is familiar with their roles, the circle is 75%-100% full on everyone. I can't work out the factors for getting it to rise?
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