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  1. It would be much better, if FM would save the user-data, save-data, all data, in the same directory where FM is stored. So FM\userdata & FM\Saves etc. In the end the users knows best where he has the most space and the Files are all together - more easy to make a backup. And c:\ ist vulnurable for viruses and at pc-crash and not beeing able to boot form this windows has to be installed again - so the userdata,etc. on the parition will be lost. The partition for windows is always a small one. The partition for the games is huge. And it´s more easy to copy the data, if you have bought a new pc, f.e. So - keep it simple!
  2. It would be much better, if FM would save the user-data, save-data, all data, in the same directory where FM is stored. So FM\userdata & FM\Saves etc. In the end the users knows best where he has the most space and the Files are all together - more easy to make a backup. And c:\ ist vulnurable for viruses and at pc-crash the parition will be lost.
  3. Aha, how? And.. i wan´t to have it in the normal game, with savegames, whicht don´t be able to use the ingame-editor.
  4. That´s the way i thought. If they change just the backgroundscreen in 1 pixel from 2020-version to 2021, it´s easy to do that. o.k., they hopefully change more ^^. But i think the effort will pay off very soon.
  5. Yes, thx. I would have a slider in the game, wehre you can edit the injury-rate. So at the moment the injury-rate is by 100% (game-default). But i feel, that it is unrelistic low injury-rate. O.k., a simulation hasn´t to be realistic(you don´t wan´t to got on toilet or play in realtime or read 100 pages long contracts), but i think it´s unfunny. So if you wan´t to have more injuries in the game, you just adjust this slider and you player will have more injuries/illnesses over the seasons. If you put the slider on 20%, you have 20% more inuries then in the vanilla-game(the default worth).
  6. I don´t want any music. I wan´t playlist-manager who´s playing the lists depending on the table-position. So f.e. 3 parted. And maybe in the week for a final an extre 4th playlist. So the music-files can 1 million - like your own music files on the pc or you can use cloud-music-playlists from spotify etc.
  7. It would be nice, if there would be a slider for the injury-rate from +5 to + 100%. It´s alway fun to have a nice sedond team - or a small one(with nice abilites for more then only 1 position) for not to loose to much money because of needing 11 substitute player. Or doing something on the transfermarket. So more injurys give this more weight... and in the end fun.
  8. it woul be nice, for people who like to play a lot of seasons and or stay with one club to have the possibility to import the f.e. Foootball Manger 2020-Savegame in Football-Manager 2021. So the party could go on - with the newest features. So there have to be some inconsequences - but that´s o.k.: -you keep your team and club, but all other clubs are in the leagues with other players(of the new database) -but if you have bought L. Messi in your Team and import the savegame in the next gen of the game, you keep him. L. Messi will be removed from the actual Team from the next gen. If there are new abilities - they are generated per chance for your players(or better orientated on the abilities-strengh of your players). This woul be nice, if you wan´t to play on with your team but wan´t to have the new features. So me and my friend do this often - wan´t to play on. And so we have a reason more, to buy the new football-manager sooner / at all. And don´t skip a version.
  9. Thx, what´s the name of the skin playersfaces on the tactik-screen(more places desired)? Are "regens" than "reincarnation" skins? And more faces in more places of the games would be nice to have anyway.
  10. But you will have a lot of work, if you wan´t to have different music played for different situations(acual table-rang).
  11. Nice, i wan´t to have it in the full-version, too.
  12. @Wife - so you can get a nice wife, who pushes your abilities and a bad wife who has no positive impact. @Friends - you can have Friends who know a good scout or don´t like a player of your team, etc. "Events" - Friends, Wife could trigger/be an event. Our a bus who´s crashed an costs money. Or a playe who had an car accident and is now injured. So the injuries get more emotional or changeable. And you can talk to the player. Or you displination has impact on the one or another event.
  13. For better feeling the club you are managing it would be nice, if the club colors are in the background - and the team-logo, stadium, country-region-picture etc. And be able to edit the background with achievments, like a won pokal and the number you have won it. And be able to choose silver stripes for each success and for 5 successes a golden stripe instead, etc. So some visual triggers to let you feel your successes. So if you play couch-coop you don´t have all the time the same screens and feelings. And if you change the club, you have another feelings-trigger.
  14. So it´s not a heavy feature with less influence. But more realistic doing some personal things on your life, too. And - having something for a change. Like minigames in other huge games. Some contrast for better feeling a manager again, after doing this contrast perstonal things.
  15. It would be great if there would be more sical features. Like: -having a girl-friend -getting married(a married manager has more reputation but it costs a lot of money to get a women and to hold her(if she is a reputation-women it costs even more) -having a child(which can get a player) For those ones who don´t like to play a lot of seaons. You can grow up your child with the help of an doctor more quickly for some money - ore maybe withou money. -having friends(can put your mood to the limit by having a nice action from them) -having more stats - like how often a player has been in the first 11 of european best players. So more records to show. for first time getting a big record (or breaking them) you get a picture and a tadaa. So in multiplayer only the best in a category. -having some events.. getting money by luck or loosing it. Maybe multiply-choice possibilty for more risk and return. This feature have not to be to heavy and time intensive and are optional. But they are making fun.
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