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  1. Hi I really like your work, anyway I was wondering if it is possible I you can have it where mexico and the us compete in the copa libertadores.
  2. Ok one last question when i'm trying to put mexico in the libertadores it give me an error and it says "found more than one set of rules for competition copa libertadores" what does that mean?
  3. Ok thanks but is there like a tutoral to making it because I tried making one tournament but It keeps on having the same teams in the tournment every year
  4. Oh well do you know if there's a way that i can chnage to it where mexico does play I the copa libertadores?
  5. We'll I was on the editing fm18 and I noticed when I put the copa libertadores with Argentina there was a copa libertadores (2018 (with mexico) can any of y'all explain to me why it's on there.
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