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  1. New PATCH SAME BUG! Im tired SI! believe me! Its such a BS I CLICK ON TAKE CONTROL! and then... someone else start to loan my players! cmon I cant go every single week to the fck menu and take control of that task! on previous patchs it worked as expected! stop messing around with the options and match engine! jzs!!!!!!
  2. Guys, I'm facing a similar bug with the staff assuming the position to handle the loans of young players! I just grab that position for me, and almost every week it changes automatic to the young director!!"#?!"#$!"$="#=# Its drinving me crazy! they start to reject offers that I planed and to offer my young prospects that I want to develop... Cmnon! what you need from my side to fix this? its a known issue? thx
  3. Same issue here, I will make sure I have a save of current status and one later When I will be sacked out. But already have that big red warning that I need to sign high reputation players!!!
  4. Hi Jimmy, Well after 1 intense week, I can confirm it's a Windows 10 issue. when, for some reason, files got corrupted (some issue when installing software or moving data around from SSD to SSD or another way, or handling some other ddls and extensions), after last update - October 2018 from MS, it added this weird issue. I just needed to open a shell with admin permission and run the following command lines in order to verify my W10 installation and recover the 86! yes 86! "broken" files! No idea how a fresh installation gets so many errors.... BTW, I did follow all the recovery process and validation of the FM game through steam, and also the Nvidia 3d options to add full "power" to the game, now it looks GREAT, but If you ask me which of these changes fixed it, I would say it was the Powershell commands: " Press Windows + X, and then select Command Prompt (Admin). Type SFC /Scannow on the prompt, and then press Enter. This scan will repair system files. Type DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth, and then press Enter. This will fix any corruption that it finds. Note that these scans may take some time." From MS source: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/cant-click-on-anything-with-mouse-when-using-dual/4d0783fd-9e38-43ba-9fe9-28d463195fba Delete the url if I can't paste it. Sorry for all the mess, and I hope this helps all the other players with dual monitor at 1080p resolution running FM 2019 at full screen or windowed mode nice saves guys!
  5. Hi, I only play the game in Windowed mode, I'm using 1920x1080 p on both 24 inch monitor. It's very odd this mouse behavior. Last night I played 1h30m one a single monitor without any issues, then I connect the hdmi port to the 2nd monitor and "pufff" in 5 min got this behavior. Maybe it isnt SI \ FM related, but Windows 10 unexpected behavior... Already open threads on other tech communities looking for help, afaik isn't on "you" (I mean SI) the rootcause of this event. So, please go ahead and close this thread, I will look for help directly on MS community. Much appreciated your attention on this! Thanks
  6. Hi Jimmy, It looks that the game runs perfectly with one single monitor, in a dual monitor set up it goes crazy..... any advice regarding this? I repeat, the game works 100% on a single screen, when I conect my HDMI port and get an expansion of my main screen, it goes crazy, don't allow me clicking or mouse hovering in elements inside the game! Thank you! I have followed your recommendations and all it's ok 100% OK, only this "dual monitor screen" mouse bug is killing me!! Any thoughts? Thank you
  7. Hi everyone, I've been playing FM19 since Beta without any issues, all perfect! So, 1st off all congratulations for this masterpiece! Almost 200hours of the game and loving it! Now, let's talk about what new issue you bring to the game after the last patch. Currently, It's impossible to play when this "unexpected" behavior of the mouse happens... it can be 5 min, 10min, 30min, I really don't know why this is happening, it's random and I cant replicate it! Just playing the regular game, watching my squad preparing my 4th season..yeah all ok... doing some filters....playing pre season games... it can be all OK, or... it just "changes the mouse behavior", and its impossible to play! I need to save the game and restart steam and re open the game.... it starts to happen only after your last update...so please review it! please!! Its impossible to play with comfort without going CRAZY and try to smash my mouse!!! Already try with other mouse,yes, its the same behavior! Simply cant do the regular left mouse click, the mouse hover on hyperlinks or objects inside the game...nothing... everything, and I mean EVERY SINGLE ITEM\OBJECT inside the game needs to be target of a double click!!! So as you can imagine...no way ....its impossible to play it! Did someone had similar issues? I cant be the only one :/ Already try 1 solution for some issues on laptop...the nvidia engine 3d options to set the render option of the FM to the max version but so far no luck. I'm running the game on dual monitor set up, 2x Benq 24'' with the following specs: I7 8700 2x 8GB DDR4 2400 MHz Asus TUF Z370 Plus Gaming Asus 1060 OC 3GB Mice: Razer Naga v2014 Let me know if you need some logs or anything else. I just want play 2\3hours straight without close\open steam and game every 15 to 30 min, or if it goes bad...every 5 min.... Thank you
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