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  1. I just found this regen, and come on, surely so many coincidences can't happen, he's even from Detroit(as the comics John Stewart)
  2. I thought I may share some of the kids I found, most of these you will know already but they are pretty cheap and it may help someone Found this kid playing for Levante's B team, now in my 2nd season and tearing La Liga apart with a whooping 7.39 average rtg This one wasn't exactly cheap, he is cheaper if you buy him before he signs a new contract as his original release clause is somewhere around 1M€, but he's a leader and a great personality in the locker room This two were in my academy and one is already starting for my first team in La Liga This 194cm madlad is insane at heading it in. Someone his size with his good pace and a driven personality is rare to find A good all around midfielder from Norway, makes a good pair with Sigurd Gronli Really cheap, really good brazilian defender. A physical monster ready to battle in La Liga from the get go I still have some others I may share later
  3. Came to talk about Sigurd Gronli... holy **** I had never seen a player like him. Paid 1m€ for him but I think it'll be well worth it, no one in the game comes close to his 19 corners 20 free kicks, not even Messi, Dybala, Pjanic.. the closest is Lemar with 17 in both categories lol
  4. This is just my first season with my local club, which happens to have a wonderful academy. Some of this players already had some experience with the first team and were even starting, but some others were just out of the oven Here's the lineup I'd use for the games, I was 2nd in the league 7 points ahead of the 3rd. Honestly didn't give a damn about how I ended in the table since the objective for the season was just to be in the upper part of the table. And here's the squad after 4 games. The striker actually managed to become the youngest scorer ever for the club! Only good things lie ahead The games in detail
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