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  1. Likely to get taken over

    In the Championship, Southampton, Watford and the mighty Crystal Palace.
  2. Who still plays FM08?

    I can't imagine a 37-38 player ever being effective in FM08 due to the insanely sharp decline in player stats and overall CA of players entering their thirties. It made the game borderline unplayable for me. For this reason and several others, I think 09, although not perfect, is a vastly superior game to 08.
  3. It is Unxplainably Unrealistic.

    I would say that this sounds right if it wasn't for AI teams paying exorbitant sums for players like Scott Brown, which would seem to suggest that it's more a case of player values being out of whack across the board. Or at least for highly-valued players it does.I think it ceases to be as much of an issue once you accept that even as the biggest clubs you can't just buy any player you want. And that's the way it should be.
  4. Who do you support?

    Crystal Palace. Also, Chesterfield. And in the Premier I like Hull.
  5. Position Buying

    I've always had a bad habit of buying too many players who I don't need, especially on frees. I tend to do this simply because they're good players and they'll join - and because it was always easy to sell them on and make a profit. But one of the things this year's version does well, I think, is punishes you for these reckless dealings both through negative squad harmony and a more noticeable effect on finances. I now try to limit who I bring in and I think this has had a beneficial effect on the realism of the game.
  6. Farewell Forum, Farewell SI: I've Had Enough!

    While it's true that the reviews have thus far been less than favourable, I have confidence that this thread has real legs and come 9:30, 10:00pm the adulation will start pouring in. And yes, then I will be rubbing my hands victoriously. Or more likely the thread will be closed.
  7. Farewell Forum, Farewell SI: I've Had Enough!

    He sounds like a spiteful child. When I lost my save due my 3 year old randomly hitting keys and managing to get me sacked by sending me on holiday, I made her survive on water and plain wholemeal bread for the next 4 months and 9 days (the exact time she sent me on holiday for)
  8. Farewell Forum, Farewell SI: I've Had Enough!

    God, it is bad! Touch the corners of the plastic box your game came packaged in. Feel how smooth that is? Well it's unacceptable.
  9. I've been a loyal customer of FM since way back when. I was there for the original iteration, the tabletop pencil and paper role-playing game of the early 70's and I've stayed the course ever since, year upon year upon year. Technology has obviously advanced markedly since then, and so had my enjoyment right up until about 5 years ago when I first began to notice the gradual and in my mind unforgivable smoothing of game packaging edges. To a large extent this is the case right across the board - a heinous blight on the entire industry - but as market leaders and true innovators, I hold SI as responsible as anybody for this hugely unfortunate trend. A little smoothing is permissible, perhaps even necessary (I'm not some sort of demon who wants to see children losing their eyes and game packets being smuggled into inner-city London schools to be used as slicing weapons) but not to the point where once proud plastic boxes have become the limp, lifeless, soulless imitations we see before us today! Not surprisingly this travesty has gone almost entirely unnoticed by the people here, who, let's be honest, have been blinded by the dazzling graphics and fancy new features developed purely to divert attention from the devious edge-smoothing. This has allowed SI to operate largely unchecked, meaning they've grown bolder and bolder in their ever so arrogant edge-smoothing ways. There is little doubt that as a result of this Miles and team have completely lost touch with the common FM user - and indeed reality! - and I would not be surprised to hear of plans to sign Seth Johnson as "football advisor" on £72,000 a week and install extravagant tropical fish aquariums in the SI game studios base (no doubt soon to be re-named SI Towers *sigh*) All of this is our fault, the customers and forum members, for not being vigilant enough to see this happening before our very eyes. Well I'm ready to give up I tell you, I don't have the strength for the fight any more... feel so weak, so weak. And no doubt this thread will be closed and the issue swept under the rug. Like I said I'm leaving, because the worry is starting to impact upon my real-life relationships (I snapped at my 4-year-old niece the other day and angrily accused her of being a filthy edge-smoothing apologist without any real proof) so I'm getting out before this consumes me and I won't be buying this once great game ever again. But please, think carefully about how you want your game to be packaged and remember that together, as a unified forum against edge-smoothing, you can make a real difference and return this game to what it once was. God Bless.
  10. What's the lowest playable team in England?

    Charlton Athletic.
  11. Apparently i'm a woman.

    Perhaps you have what the game perceives to be a womanly touch in the transfer market, or in the way you deal with your players or something. Whatever the case, this is troubling news as I've not heard of such a thing happening to anybody else. I strongly suggest you spend the rest of the weekend drinking beer and viewing pornography before the transformation really takes hold.
  12. so i bought mr Beckham today

    Surprisingly, he wasn't overly keen on joining my Palace team in the Championship. What, too good for us, Becks? You don't hear Shefki Kuqi complaining!
  13. Hello, I'm new here. Does anybody know when the new patch will be out? Nevermind, I'll start a thread.
  14. You think that's bad, in my game I kept Dean Windass on as a first team coach only for him to come out of retirement in the year 2027 at 211 years old! His pace is minus 6!