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  1. I've taken a look at several other national teams, and they use the real players, but Germanys national team just has a lot of random players, the German league is added, and database is set to normal. The German team actually finished second in the Euro cup http://imgur.com/yBmUJi4
  2. Ohh then it makes sense. Thanks a lot for clarifying this.
  3. So some team in 7th position has qualified for playoff, there are several matches remaining and no reason, that i can tell, they should qualify. Must be a bug, right? http://i.imgur.com/UmJKCaH.jpg
  4. Thanks, but i'm not sure you understood me. This is what i want to avoid ( http://imgur.com/VlFlKn4 ), as you can see the kick off time is different, so i have to click continue for every single match. Tried ticking "skip match preview in build up to matches", but that didn't help. Edit: Forgot to take a screen of my match day, and took one of the other teams in the league, but the issue is the same.
  5. Yo fellow FM people! So at match day the kick off times are different for each match, which is fine, as it is the same in real matches as well. Question is, is there any way to prevent me having to click continue/space 100 times before its my time to play? Its starting to become very annoying. PS: Sorry if this has been asked before, wasen't quite sure what to search for.
  6. If that one is ment for me, then it never happened in any importent matches, since i know there is a decent (read: good) chance, a player will get injured i never take that risk. If i wasent so lazy i would start a game, with the sole purpose of testing this.
  7. To answer some questions. Kenco: yea those are good points, i dont have numbers, but it just seems odd that it happens so often, when i do make all my subs before the 75th minutte. I know real life managers usually spend one or even two of their subs after that time, however sometimes too many of my players are just playing too terrible, and i need a goal, so i want to sub. this is something that also happens to real managers. johnhughthom: I am not suggesting they do it deliberately just to annoy me, or punish me for making early subs. I am suggesting the it might be something that needs balancing, or a bug of sorts. Not that much into game coding to tell if there is a chance for this or not. Regarding my player, i cant sign a part time contract, he's only interested in a non contract, and as Männ said, the point is i have to keep offering him a new non-contract every week. With any luck i'll get a promotion this season, and hopefully this wont be an issue anymore
  8. Hi, Ok, im not sure if these are bugs, intended or just me being really unlucky. Assuming bugs, so I guess i should put this in a different section, but im interested to know how many people experience this. First. Almost every time i make all my substitutions before the 75th minutte, i get a player injured. Did it four times the past season, with three injuries to follow. This has been an issue for me in past FM games as well. Second. I play lower league, with some of my players on non contract, and this season, i have had to resign the exact same non contract with the same player every week, to prevent another club signing him. The one time i forgot to do so, he left me for the other club. Did something i never do, and reloaded, asked him to resign, and he did. Absolutely ridiculous I have to keep doing this every single week! I'm just glad its only one player, imagine if it was half my team. Am I the only one this is happening to?
  9. Unemployed with England, Scotland, Italy and Germany fully loaded. Then see how far i can take a team, before adding other leagues and find a new club to manage.
  10. yea i agree, but to be hornest it didnt take me more than one minutte to realize how crappy it was, i just gave it a few mins extra to be sure - then passed it on to my co-worker.
  11. Yes I too boot my machine every day..... I believe I can go on with my life, even though I might waste 20 seconds a day booting my PC. Also my co-worker and I tested it the moment it was released on MSDN, I got sick of it 5 mins later, my co-worker tried the rest of the day. Out conclution was the same. Win8 is terrible, both for work and personal use.
  12. This happened to me in my first playoff match. Was pretty pissed. Russian corruption at its best. On a fine finish im 1-0 up, then my keepers scores an own goal.
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